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The Sales Fix Formula: Because Selling Doesn’t Have to Suck

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Let’s face it, selling isn’t always the world’s most enjoyable activity. The idea of attempting to convince someone to purchase your goods or services can be intimidating and perhaps downright tiresome. But what if there was a method to make selling more pleasurable—dare we even say enjoyable?—and even enjoyable? now introduce the Sales Fix Formula.

The Sales Fix Formula is a step-by-step guide for selling and operating a profitable business, written by Mr. Kieran Perry, the supreme sales mentor and business counselor. And let’s just say that this isn’t your typical, everyday sales book. In fact, reading it is delightful and, dare we say it, entertaining.

So what distinguishes the Sales Fix Formula? It is first and foremost useful. Kieran is an authority in his area, having been employed in sales as well as company administration for more than 25 years. The book covers ten crucial subjects that will assist you in better comprehending your consumers and learning how to build a successful sales funnel.

However, it goes beyond the mechanics. The Sales Fix Formula is hilarious and witty, which makes it a pleasure to read. And let’s face it, you might as well enjoy yourself while reading a book about selling if you’re going to do it.

We adore how Kieran emphasises the value of developing a relationship of trust and integrity with your clients in the Sales Fix Formula. This isn’t a standard sales book where the only goal is to close the transaction. Instead, Kieran advises you to create enduring bonds with your clients, which will ultimately result in greater sales and long-term business expansion.

Not to mention the 50 methods for business promotion listed in the book. The price of the book (which is, incidentally, extremely fairly priced) is justified by this portion alone. Kieran offers innovative and useful suggestions for marketing your company that you would not have considered on your own.

The Sales Fix Formula’s suitability for everyone is another quality we value. This work of literature has plenty to give everyone, regardless you’re establishing a business, an experienced an entrepreneur; a leader of an organisation, or a professional salesperson. Even if you are a seasoned salesperson, you will still uncover helpful tips and insights.

But don’t just believe what we say. The basis for The Sales Fix Formula is Kieran’s tried-and-true sales approach, which he has applied to assist hundreds of firms in a variety of fields and sectors. The book is jam-packed with case studies and real-world examples that show how powerful Kieran’s strategy is.

Now, we are aware of your thoughts. But I detest marketing! Never could I be any good at it. Trust us; we understand. But here’s the thing: selling no longer stinks thanks to the Sales Fix Formula. You’ll learn how to enhance your offering, better handle client interactions, and strategically expand your company with Kieran’s help.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, the book also includes an exclusive link to free sales audio downloads, motivation, and guidance. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

The Sales Fix Formula is the book for you if you’re seeking for a useful, entertaining, and effective manual for selling and managing a successful business. If you’re still not persuaded, Kieran himself has the following to say: “Selling is about helping, not convincing. Understanding is key; pushing is not. It’s about finding solutions, not making new ones. Who knew that selling could be so pleasant?

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