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Jason Kulpa Shares 10 Steps to Help You Understand Your “Why” in Business

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Every entrepreneur starts their company with a gleam in their eye and a passion in their heart. However, in the dog-eat-dog world of business, it can be easy to forget why you created your start-up in the first place.

In this article, Jason Kulpa, serial entrepreneur, explains what makes answering “why” important for business. If you can answer “why,” your company can change your life and get you out of your comfort zone.

  1. The Inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you started your business ten months ago or ten years ago–think about what the inspiration was in the first place, and keep it front and center in everyone’s minds. Remembering the beginning will help your company achieve its goals.

  1. The Passion

Something else that starts strong and can fade quickly is the passion for what you and your business do. Once you recall what inspired you first, it will be easier to harness your passion for it and motivate your team members to do the same.

  1. Making it Better

There is always room for improvement—in life and business. Figure out ways to improve your company, whether improving employee morale, cutting costs, or partnering up with someone else in the ring to keep all possibilities for improvement on the table.

  1. Sense of Time

Remember those days in the beginning when the time would fly, and you’d have no sense of day or night? Find a way to get back to that. You might discover that remembering the inspiration and passion you had initially will help initiate that sense of time stopping because you’re doing something you love.

  1. The One-Year Mentality

Think about what you would do if you knew your business only had one year left to succeed. What should you really prioritize, and what can be left on the back burner or crossed off the list entirely? Make those decisions, and then follow through with them.

  1. No Paycheck—No Problem

Even though money is the driving force behind most businesses, that doesn’t mean it should be the only one. What kind of work would your company be happy to do without a monetary reward? What aspects of the job are employees hyped about and don’t care if they are financially successful? Identifying these passions helps everyone know the “why” of the business.

  1. Drawing People in

Every successful start-up ends up with followers and loyalists who think the world of the company. So what drew them in in the first place? Getting their perspectives and explanations can help remind you why you’re in the game, too. And sometimes, communicating with those familiar with your company can help you identify areas of improvement.

  1. Forget Outside Opinions

While it can be helpful to know others’ perspectives and ideas about your business, that doesn’t mean you have to listen to everyone. Disregard any negativity or biased opinions from those who aren’t part of the process. They will only bring you down and distract you from your purpose.

  1. Understanding Gratitude

Many businesses will receive gratitude from clients and customers whose lives have been positively impacted by the start-up. Listen to what people are thanking you for and use it as motivation to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

  1. The Chance to Educate

Are there things your business would like to team up with other companies on so you can spread your knowledge and understanding? And you’re hoping to learn new things from those other partners too? Then, take advantage of these opportunities and use them to drive your passions and purpose.

About Jason Kulpa

Jason Kulpa is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of, San Diego’s Fastest Growing Business multi-year award winner, and a Certified Great Place to Work multi-year winner. Mr. Kulpa is San Diego’s two-time winner of the Most Admired CEO Award of the San Diego Business Journal and a semi-finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award. Jason’s mission is to bring awareness, support, and inclusion for special needs causes.


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