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Jiten Thakkar, from an expert to a visionary, claims the Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 by the Indian Achievers’ Forum

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Jiten Thakkar is an entrepreneur, a masterful expert of versatile digital domains, the most sought-out advisor, and a leader who streamlines his knowledge to help aspiring marketers & entrepreneurs. Due to his unique vision and innovative skills, he has been honoured with a distinguished Indian Achievers Award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2021. This reputable award is granted to those with esteemed skills who have proven themselves in their challenging specialties. Jiten Thakkar was chosen out of the nominated candidates shortlisted by the Indian Achievers Forum jury team.

With its roots in the year 2000, The Indian Achievers’ Forum lives to honour those who have thrived in various fields, like business, professional, politics and worked strenuously to help the nation. This prestigious partnership was founded by Sunil Shastri, the son of the ex-Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri. This honourable title recognizes the innovative ideas of the winner, Jiten Thakkar, and appreciates his efforts to assist like-minded businessmen.

As a businessman and a visionary, Jiten Thakkar has translated pioneer ideas in his mind into a reality to help local businesses reach digital heights and fortunes. He is well-known in the digital marketing domain for his cutting-edge results and valuable solutions in the new technological era. To add to the technological advancements, Jiten forges business with mechanics to adapt to the ever-changing digital world and create iconic marketing results. The young Entrepreneur is an inspiration and a mentor to those who wish to transform their businesses online and require information regarding entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and garnering more ground for their industry.

As a community leader, Jiten Thakkar uses his revolutionary knowledge to help individuals learn digital marketing and business skills. He does this by facilitating aspiring entrepreneurs with keynotes, workshops, and training. His visionary thinking enables him to connect with local businesses and make them see the bigger picture—the near future, which is modernized and digitized. This is why he deems it essential for local businesses to adopt technology and reach a wider audience digitally. For this very purpose, he has worked extensively on his digital platform Local Forever. This firm acts as a web solution provider, business counselor, and one-stop-shop to those who want to digitalise their businesses. With its user-friendly website, Local Forever streamlines digital trends for its clients all over the state and globally. These clients range from start-ups to in-demand brands.

Moreover, as an author, Jiten Thakkar has penned an eBook & a paperback book on digital marketing. This book is a go-to guide, full of digital marketing strategies and refreshed methods to take on the digital business world. He is also the chief editor of DigitalForever, an information packed site for marketers to learn and grow their knowledge. All these contemporary, unique ideas and efforts have earned Jiten Thakkar the recognition of the Indian Achievers’ Forum. He continues to work hard and help those who need his extensive knowledge. Jiten Thakkar is a walking example of hard work and dedication and where it can lead you.

 “Success looks like a vivid picture until you make it happen in real life. So make sure to walk your way through the journey surpassing the hurdles to being on top.”— Jiten Thakkar.

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