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Delectable Dishes Saltalk Is Serving That’ll Just Make Your Mouth Water

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Food is the perfect way to express yourself, especially your own cultural identity. For those who don’t have quite the knack for traditional home-cooked meals right from their childhood, Saltalk offers an extensive range of options right from your home country and straight to your door. The question on everyone’s mind is, what does Saltalk serve? We’re going to give you the low down on all the amazing dishes Saltalk has to offer. Let’s get started, shall we?


1# Ramen

Ramen is the perfect noodle soup for a winter’s day or cold withered night. Its pair of egg noodles, miso, bone broth, pork, and scallions make it such a hearty and warm dish that’ll fill you with such joy (and food!) Its salty and savoury broth soup is full of so much flavour that’ll punch your tongue in the best way possible. Cook it up for your friends or loved ones and they’ll want to visit more. You’ll definitely slurp up your whole bowl!

2# Bulgoki

Bulgoki is for those who love the taste of beef. If you don’t have beef with spicy and salty dishes, this is perfect for your lunch or dinner meal. In a few simple steps, you can turn this intricate dish into an easy task done. For the perfect time, you can pair Bulgoki with kimchi and other Korean vegetables or side dishes. You’ll definitely feel full with Bulgoki at your side. Saltalk offers Korean traditional food that’ll aim to make sure you’ll never feel homesick again.

3# Pork Bun

Whether it is eaten for a snack or as a side dish, you’ll definitely salivate at the tasty flavours and spices that come with this recipe. Pork buns are great at offering a nice balance between the pastry outer layer and the meat filling. You can definitely feel at ease knowing that you can cook the dishes your parents used to make you keep traditions alive. For a lovely pastime, pork buns are a great recipe that offers a nice hit of savouriness without the complicated recipe.

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