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Learn Cloud Computing with Daniel Nwosu and CloudElite

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Fergus Murray
Fergus Murray
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Cloud computing has become one of the most important professions in the modern day. Much of the technology that we rely on is all thanks to cloud computing. Daniel Nwosu has become an expert in the industry, though his journey to success has not always been a smooth one.

When Nwosu decided he wanted to go into I.T. and cloud computing, he was shocked by the lack of comprehensive training courses that were available to him. He felt that there was a lack of programs that would teach him all of the skills he needed to master cloud computing and that would also help him build the necessary skills needed to guarantee himself a job in the industry. Eventually, Daniel Nwosu did find a training program, however he never forgot just how difficult this process was.

With his experience in mind, Nwosu decided to create his own training program that was easily accessible and comprehensive. He developed CloudElite so that people could gain all of the skills they need clearly and quickly. He also wanted to help people secure jobs in the industry straight away as soon as they became qualified.

Since CloudElite was founded, Nwosu has built an enthusiastic team of some of the best teachers in the industry. Together, they offer four months of interactive AWS training for a range of popular certifications in the IT industry. Their training programs are composed of Hands-On Training, Mock Interviews, Linked-In Optimization, and a hand-crafted Resume. These are just some of the essential services provided that help their students prepare to enter the industry with confidence.

The teaching services at CloudElite are known for being some of the most comprehensive in the world, with all of the teachers having a true passion for helping their students. 90% of the students pass the certification that they are working towards on their first try. 80% of the students that complete the training quickly receive a job offer and are well and truly prepared to build their career as a Cloud Engineer.


CloudElite has also had great success with their virtual students. Given the current state of the world, adapting to virtual teaching is essential and CloudElite have done so brilliantly. There is much more on the horizon for CloudElite as they plan to expand and grow to bring their expert teaching services to budding Cloud Engineers around the world.

You can follow Daniel Nwosu and CloudElite https://CloudElite.io and on Facebook here or Instagram here.

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