Tuesday, May 17, 2022

YouTube, Google, and Instagram Advertisements Are Available Now at Oakland Trust Marketing Company

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Fergus Murray
Fergus Murray
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Oakland Trust Marketing Company is merely a simple name. What it represents is a lot deeper. Their advertisements are unique and personal. Their care for the city is unmatched. They’ve worked for free when COVID-19 hit, to support small businesses in the area. For the past 3 years they have been doing projects in Boston that truly have bold statements. In downtown Boston, on state street, just by old city hall and Ruth’s Chris Steak House you can see a timeless jewelry store with an Oakland Trust original advertisement hanging on the front window.

Boston Jewels has been operational for over 20 years. They were the first of many for Oakland Trust Marketing Company and to this day they work together on many projects and campaigns. They use clever advertisements throughout the city that direct people to their site, you may have seen some of their work on Venmo. In the past year they quadrupled their volume and have no plan on slowing down.

The next few months we were told are going to be the most exciting and contain the most changes that their company has ever faced. They plan to expand like never before, with projects that have been in the making for months now due to roll out in time for the new year. CFO Ash Hoffman of Port Washington NY, says the amount of content and pieces of the digital space that they’re going to be responsible for this year is something they really couldn’t have even imagined last year. “it’s a completely different ballgame now, with 3 new projects ready to launch and more new contracts coming in than ever before I don’t feel the need to slow down, we’re going in the right direction and as long as we all keep working as hard as possible I think it will all work out.” They run their startup marketing agency as a team and repeatedly work with the same freelancers and people they’ve known for a longtime, this makes for better rates and more reliable services for the clients.

Founder Samuel Libenzon of Boston, Massachusetts says their model is the most beneficial for their members and their clients. “Not always do we actually turn a profit on these campaigns because of how costly it ends up being to do it the right way, but we’ve been taking a lot of hits the past 3 years and now it’s really starting to pay off, we always put the quality of work above all else and chose our clients more carefully than they chose a marketing agency, we said no to cash offers before when the idea was just plain and terrible. Not that it matters but that company isn’t doing too hot and we’re glad we never put our name next to theirs.”

After talking to these young entrepreneurs I see they don’t have much regret in focusing on their own ambitions these past years and admittedly “putting a lot of other former priorities to the side”. They are always open to hearing new ideas and have made a point that it be mentioned that any innovative ideas are always credible to free advertising. Everyone is welcome to inquire on their website OaklandTrust.Org or on their instagram page below.


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