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Learn to Deal with Your Unresolved Trauma to Manifest Your Best Life with Elisabeth Hoekstra

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Life is never fair or easy, and it can be a struggle to see the light in those dark places, but entrepreneur Elisabeth Hoekstra learned to become that light for herself. Through the use of holistic remedies, biohacking, and other modalities Elisabeth pulled herself forward and made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman, and she wants to be able to do that for others in similar dark places.

Early in her life, Elisabeth experienced the trauma of adoption, followed by repeated sexual trauma. In the process of trying to escape the dark emotions she was experiencing, she turned to using drugs and alcohol to numb it, and partying to ignore it. This darkness continued throughout her teens and into her 20’s. While in this dark place, she worked as a model and actress in Hollywood keeping her addictions quiet. Keeping busy with movie and TV shows, music videos, and magazine shoots on top of her secret life led to an inevitable big clash with the law and a subsequent stint in jail.

Elisabeth’s time in jail taught her that this was not the life she wanted to continue living. It was when she found out she was pregnant that she had an epiphany: she needed to be her own light and manifest her own future. Once she found this out, she immediately got herself back into school. After getting a degree in baking and pastry from Schoolcraft College leading to a certification as a CWPC, a real estate license, and a certificate in cell biology focused on mitochondria from Harvard University, Elisabeth was on her way to that bright future.

In the time since mastering all of these incredible educational feats, she has achieved so much. She quickly became the president of the world’s first mental health gym, is a successful model, actress, and best-selling author, a massively successful real estate agent with a team of over 20 agents, and the creator and co-host of the hit podcast Bio-Hack Your Best life with Billy Carson. On top of all of this, she is now a mother to a little boy. Elisabeth fully realizes that she could never have gotten so far in her career and her life without having mastered her own trauma, growing, and moving past it, and she has now been drug and alcohol free for a long time and never intends to look back.

Her goals for the future are simple: share her story and her methods of moving past unresolved trauma to as many people as she can to create a better world for the future, not to mention helping to grow 4biddenknowledge Inc. as much as possible and adding a few more best-sellers to her list. Her biggest message to all is that “A traumatic start does not have to be a life sentence. You can get over anything and live your best life, manifesting whatever abundance you want every single day – once you deal with your unresolved trauma within your mind, body, and energy.”

To find out more about her story, or to follow along with her future endeavors, you can follow Elisabeth Hoekstra here:

IG: @elisabethihoekstra @iamelisabethhoekstra
Twitter: @lishoekstra
TikTok: @elisabethihoekstra


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