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Looking to escape your 9-5 job? How women are achieving financial freedom with the help of Tanisha Jamison

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Tanisha Jamison’s main goal is to help women everywhere understand that it is possible to depend on yourself. Her mission of financial independence and freedom stems from her own experiences as a successful entrepreneur and has been highly influential in many women’s lives.

Tanisha Jamison’s career as an entrepreneur began when she was only 19 years old. She started her own nannying service and, through this, discovered her passion for childcare and child welfare. At 24, she started her second business, an at-home day care service. By 28 she had two more successful businesses to her name and began to earn what is known as a “passive income”. Passive income is now how Tanisha makes most of her money, as many successful business owners do. A passive income is an income that is made without exchanging excessive amounts of time. It is this method of earning that Tanisha now aims to promote and teach to other women.

Tanisha Jamison - Hood2Heights

Hood2Heights is the name of the program that Tanisha has developed to share her experiences and her knowledge. She firmly believes that anyone is capable of changing their life into one that they want to live with the right tools and attitude. She teaches women how to earn money online, how to think like a millionaire, and how to go into your work with the right attitude to ensure that you will never work a 9 to 5 job again. Through minimizing the limitations that hold people back, such as self-doubt or socio-economic factors, Tanisha helps women unlock their potential.

The guidance of other successful women was a key factor in Tanisha’s own journey and it is this guidance, as well as tips stemming from her own experiences, that she hopes to pass on to others. The program consists of a series of masterclasses, access to ten eBooks and the opportunity for a personalized live coaching call with Tanisha herself. The masterclasses contain guidance for women that helps them to devise their own ways of creating a passive income for themselves. Tanisha’s eBooks are best-sellers and also contain advice for this. The personalized coaching class provides the opportunity for clients to address their specific challenges or limitations with Tanisha and gain valuable advice on how to overcome these. Tanisha Jamison understands, having undertaken similar classes from other experts herself, that thousands of dollars can be spent on programs like this. Because of this, she aims to make her program more accessible for women in any situation and offers her services for an affordable price of $20 per month. She is also available to speak at self-help seminars worldwide to further spread her knowledge of entrepreneurship and inspire women.

For women looking to become financially independent without the tedium of a 9-5 job, Tanisha Jamison and Hood2Heights are here to help. Committed to helping women see the best in themselves and pushing them to work smarter for the life they want to live, the program is set to continue changing the lives of many.

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