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Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham Are Trying To Revolutionize the Marketing World for Decentralized Companies

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George Soto
George Soto
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Paradox Group helps FinTech and Blockchain companies target the right audience helping decentralized finance companies reach millions of investors and grow to achieve their full potential. Pioneering their business model in the field, Paradox Group is leading a young industry to success through a network of high performing advertising strategies.

Founded in 2019 and offering fully customizable CPM and CPC campaigns that help clients grow their engagement and impressions within guided budgets, Paradox’s strategies make the most of a company’s advertising budget and convert investments into outcomes. Paradox works with the best platforms in the fintech and cryptocurrency industries to ensure that they are connecting their clients with the correct audience in each advertising campaign.

“We bridge the gap between advertisers and publications, providing a smooth and profitable experience for our clients” says Co-Founder and Creative Director Milo McCloud. “Overcoming the challenges of working in a new industry that is constantly changing and scaling while being affected by and adapting to market fluctuations has been possible because of the building blocks we established for the company.”

“Coming from a design background myself, we are able to bring an accessible user experience and user interface with our brand that allows us to help clients seamlessly and efficiently. My Co-Founder Paul Burnham has a background in sales and finance which has allowed us to develop a consistent and reliable financial model.”

Within the blockchain segment of the industry, too many companies are struggling to spread the word about their brand and are being held back as a result. Paradox has filled this space, helping companies raise awareness about their brand and services while connecting them to publications that were struggling to pull in more clients.

Paradox Group prides themselves on being a customer-focused agency with 24/7 support available. “It is truly the customer’s experience that is at the center of our business model” says McCloud. “Our ability to offer extensive and effective support is what distinguishes us, and we are able to hold a large market share in this new industry and offering a new type of service.”

Voted the UK Best Blockchain Marketing Company of 2020 by Vision Magazine, Paradox seeks to expand their selection of offerings to other digital advertising pathways, working their magic in other industries to promote the growth that they have developed for blockchain and fintech companies. By forming long-term partnerships and expanding the team, Paradox expects that they will be bringing the most cost-effective advertising methods and highest quality service to the market.

“Having built a fully functional advertisement marketplace already, we allow clients to track the success of each of their advertising campaigns and we are confident that our expansion into further strategies and other industries will bring similarly innovative platforms to more businesses.”

Paradox has worked with their publishing network to stabilize revenue for each of their clients as well as their own company. Through cross-platform partnerships, they have been able to reach users and integrate brands that would have been otherwise inaccessible.

To learn more about Paradox Group, visit their website at:

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