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Paul Bulau, Food Service Management Expert, Shares Advice for Retention of Talent in a Competitive Market

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There isn’t an industry on the planet that hasn’t experienced a significant shift over the last few years, and food service is one of the best examples. An already highly competitive market has become even more intense, with top talent expecting more from employers and refusing to accept less. In this article, Paul Bulau explains what you can do to meet your top talent’s evolving needs and keep them on your team.

Compensation Is Key

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. You may not need to look any further than the money you’re offering your top talent to keep them on board. With the rising cost of living and a continuing shortage of food service employees, competitors are looking to woo your talented workers away from you by giving them what you will not.

Many people are struggling with money today, and if your employees are offered a place in greener financial pastures, can you really hold it against them? To avoid this issue, your best bet is to do what you can to compete with the other compensation packages out there. And if you can’t match them financially, you need to find ways to compensate for that.

Acknowledge the Individual While Supporting Equity

Food service management is a tightrope walk every day. It’s all about striking a balance even when it seems impossible. Things are no different when it comes to retaining your top talent.

In the tumult of recent years, many workers have reassessed their positions both inside and outside of work. People are no longer interested in working for an employer who doesn’t recognize their efforts, appreciate their contributions, and strive to keep things fair and equal in the workplace.

If you want to keep your employees engaged, you need to find a way to recognize them as individuals, pay them what they’re worth, and maintain a sense of equity and mutual respect within your team. It’s yet another balancing act but one of the most crucial.

Give Employees a Path Forward

Few things can send someone in search of alternative employment like the sense that there is no more room to grow. Your employees need to see that there is a path forward for them in the company. They also need to know exactly what that path is.

When they are clear about the next steps — and when they can assess how far along they are on the path of progression – your employees will feel more enthusiastic about their place in your organization.

You should also provide workers with the training and knowledge they need to continue their professional growth. Not only will you be developing a better workforce, but you’ll be letting them know that you’re invested in them. This can go a long way toward retaining your team members for the long haul.

About Paul Bulau

Paul Bulau is a culinary entrepreneur, business founder, and company owner/operator known for operational success, collaboration, and team development. After earning a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Paul launched, grew, and sold his first business. For the past 25 years, Paul has served in several management roles with a premier, on-site restaurant company.

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