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Sacrix LLC is Empowering Physicians to Treat Sacroiliac Joint Pain by Innovative SacroFuse Technology

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In Jan 2021, Sacrix LLC released its third generation of the SacroFuse threaded compression device to treat pain that originated due to Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) instability. A recent peer-review pilot study (DOI: 10.7759/cureus.16408) demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of a new percutaneous lateral-oblique SIJ fusion suitable for outpatient ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). It is reported that the SIJ may play a role in the 15% – 30% of the patients exhibiting low back pain. In addition, it is very prevalent in up to 43% of the patient population that has already undergone prior lumbar fusion (DOI: 10.1111/j.1526-4637.2011.01098.x).

Sacrix LLC is one of the KIC Venture’s portfolio companies focused on developing unique products to treat the pain originating from sacroiliac joint instability. The unique design of the SacroFuse compression device and associated instrumentations are ideal for ASCs and hospitals. The lead inventor of the device is Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, a practicing orthopedic spine surgeon and the founder of KIC Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on developing products and services for the healthcare industry. Dr. Kingsley R. Chin says, “having orthopedic spine surgeons develop SacroFuse while incorporating the feedback of interventional pain management physicians has revolutionized the technique.”

SacroFuse has seen good traction with ortho and neuro spine surgeons and with interventional pain management physicians. The streamlined technique has solved the challenge of operations and inventory management. Compared to the second-generation, the current third-generation, 2 step technique has 60% reduced instrumentation, which is ideal for ASCs due to its size and sterilization capabilities. Dr. Deepak K. Pandey, Ph.D., the president and COO of Sacrix LLC, says, “due to streamlined technique and reduced instrumentation, the current procedure is ideal for the ASCs. Due to reduced instrumentation needs, the economy works in our favor. We can cater to the US customers and the customers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia”.

Dr. Pandey also adds, “underdeveloped countries deserve innovative technologies to serve their patients, and Sacrix LLC is committed to supporting the need of these countries.”

About Sacrix LLC

Sacrix is a KICVentures Group portfolio company focused on revolutionary percutaneous posterior sacroiliac fixation technologies for the treatment of sacroiliac dysfunction and sacroiliitis. Sacrix is patented and was FDA-cleared since 2015. Sacrix’s Gen1 screw was compared head-to-head with market leader SI bone (SIBN) and found to have a 400% increase in pull out strength.

About KICVentures Group

KICVentures Group is a global corporation who since 2005, has been leading waves of change with differentiated health technologies and is building a vertically and horizontally integrated healthcare portfolio. The company has headquarters in Boston, USA.

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin

Dr. Kingsly R. Chin is a Havard-trained orthopedic spine surgeon. He is the inventor of the SacroFuse device and technique. He is also the CEO and CTO of Sacrix LLC.

About Dr. Deepak K. Pandey, PhD

Dr. Deepak K. Pandey, Ph.D., is the President and COO of Sacrix LLC. Dr. Pandey is also the Vice President, Operations for other KIC Ventures Group of companies.

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