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Survive Lockdown with the Best Inflatable Kayaks

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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During our current era of lockdowns and social distancing, the best inflatable kayaks might well be a lifeline for many families looking to remain physically active through such periods. In addition, the past two years have seen the uproar of several industries, including outdoor recreation activities and water sports, which highlighted the simple fact that humans are active creatures.

Many water sports establishments and outdoor suppliers have reported a significant increase in sales regarding inflatable kayaks, which shows a market space for countries experiencing lockdown restrictions as residents wanting to remain fit and healthy within the realms of social limits. Other watersport supplies like canoes and paddleboards have also gained more popularity, with some suppliers claiming significant sales increases across recent periods.

If worldwide lockdowns have allowed one thing, it has given people more time to try hobbies they usually didn’t have the time before. For those lucky enough to live close to shorelines or open lakes and rivers, the best inflatable kayaks serve as an accessible solution to tick two boxes – try new things and stay active during a time where mental health is more important than ever before.

Best inflatable kayaks

Why the Best Inflatable Kayaks Took Off?

As mentioned before, people need to stay active when living with social restrictions. Many countries have seen gyms, indoor and outdoor sports and activities shut, often for long periods. Essentially, kayaking can serve as a solo or group sport, opening the market for singles, families, and groups. However, as many areas have distancing rules in place, it can be challenging for some residents to blow up their kayaks, get on the water and let go of such rigid rules.

Compared to other outdoor activities, this can be an easy hobby to start for those paddling alone or with family. In terms of handling, the best inflatable kayaks generally come in a transport bag, which stores the actual boat and all included accessories like paddles and a pump. As a result, inflating the raft takes less than 10 minutes and requires minimal effort to set up once all components are included. When not on the water or within the car’s trunk, the transport bag takes up very little room and can easily fit in the garage or storage units within the house.

Finding the Best Inflatable Kayaks

If you have already decided this activity is for me, understanding what to buy before diving in will save money and time, especially when many consumers are currently trying their hand at various watersports, which generally drives prices through the roof from a marketing perspective.

Firstly, there is no point in buying a tandem (two-person) when a solo option will do. Second, options depend on family numbers, social groups, or significant others who may or may not take up this hobby.

Options like the Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person are ideal for family outings and serve the great necessities of staying fit and bonding.

The Intex Explorer K2 two-person is perfect for friends or couples hitting the water, as both seats are soft and adjustable, which is easy to assemble due to its lighter material and small size. Most recreational outlets and watersport distributors sell various inflatable kayaks, so expressing your exact use will allow staff to recommend the right one for you.

The adjustable best inflatable kayak seats can look and feel comfortable at first but are frequently annoying and unpleasant, especially when sitting for several hours. If kayaking proves to be a long-term hobby, investing a little more money on more robust seating support will be physically beneficially, which means paddling more regularly and having fun without the potential aches and pains that may occur.

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