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What’s The Future of Social Media?

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Fergus Murray
Fergus Murray
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The widespread use of social media has altered how we interact, but many people feel that these changes aren’t always for the better. In the case of the COVID-19 epidemic, for example, a lack of content filtering across social platforms has enabled disinformation to propagate. That misconception, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), may influence COVID-19 discussions among family, friends, and others.

Many users were unhappy with how major social media platforms dealt with issues like as disinformation, censorship, privacy, political neutrality, user control, and harmful behaviour even before COVID-19. These worries have spawned a new trend: federated social networks, often known as decentralised social networks.

The internet is flooded with blockchain-based social media platforms today, but only a few are credible enough to offer their services in the right way.

From all of these, the blockchain social media network – Ecency seems to be the most promising. This is a blockchain-based, rewarding, user owned, opensource platform, powered by Hive blockchain. Content creators have access to a remunerating network at Ecency. It holds the promise of being the future of the industry with its unique, inclusive, and secure policy.

How does Ecency work?

In Ecency, clients are getting compensated for their time, assets, and have the opportunity to learn about blockchain while appreciating its social aspects. Providing convenience to people build their communities with complete control and financial backing to achieve financial freedom, paving the way for the new web.

Information is available and uncensored because Ecency stores and examines information from the blockchain. With Ecency, content creators are rewarded with tokens just like points, as part of the blockchain motivation system. Binance and Bittrex are two of the most significant digital currency exchanges where tokens can be purchased. Products and services can be exchanged for focus points on stage. Content moderations are done by community owners and creators specialised in those topics and subjects. All network participants contribute and help evaluating content quality and credibility in decentralised manner.

Joining Ecency: what are the steps?

Ecency can be accessed by logging in with your username and master secret phrase or by using Active Private Keys. Exceptional security is a serious concern for Ecency. The company never has access to your account, only person who holds the keys to account controls that account and its data. Accounts can never be deleted because they reside on blockchain. As they are encoded with a one-time PIN code of your choice on the versatile applications, they are seldom put away on site.

What sets it apart from other social networks?

Having a blockchain as the basis for Ecency guarantees content permanence and uncensorability. There is no one who can modify your records and your communities except you. This promotes true freedom of expression. It is also open source, productive, and creative platform that’s assembled by the clients. All of these features distinguish Ecency from other social media platforms.

Things that are considered spam on Ecency:

These things, such as counterfeit posts or duplicate content, leaving virtually identical or physically similar remarks on various posts, using labels that are irrelevant to the post, and undermining customers are all considered spam on Ecency. Not referencing sources when using another’s material, Not using the “NSFW” tag when posting ‘unreliable for work’ material, and trick or fraud submissions are also not permitted. It is recommended that you do not abuse the blockchain and platform with these tricks, community/users moderate the content with their upvotes and downvotes.


You can have an amazing and secure experience with Ecency if you want financial freedom and proponent of freedom of speech. You can benefit from all the features without compromising your privacy. Social media and blockchain combined can do wonders for technology. You can access all of these wonders at Ecency.

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