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Television Music Producer Tasha B on Visiting Her High School to Advocate For Community Youth

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Tasha B is a music producer, entrepreneur, and beat battle host whose work has appeared on MTV, Showtime, BET, and multiple Tyler Perry productions. In October, of this year, Tasha B paid a visit to her alma mater Piscataway High School in Piscataway, New Jersey, culminating her recent pivot to focus on investing additional time and resources to uplift youth interested in music education.

The producer credits her current professional status to a music production course she took at the school as a teenager. Though the program was small, she leveraged the beats she created there to enhance her television production courses, ultimately developing a skill for composing and storytelling.

“It has been so fulfilling to return to Piscataway High School and spend time engaging with the next generation of artists, performers, and producers,” said Tasha B. “It was incredible to see students taking advantage of the equipment available at the school – without those same resources, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Music Producer Tasha B

During the two-day visit, Tasha B spoke to the television and music classes to answer students’ questions about working in the entertainment industry, share the story of her professional journey, and advocate for college enrollment. While many young musicians believe dropping out of school is necessary, Tasha B promoted college as an essential learning tool for any aspiring artist. She provided examples of universities with music production programs, audio recording degrees, and music business departments.

“Like all young adults, the students at Piscataway High School need strong role models,” said Joi Fisher-Griffin, Assistant Vice Principal. “During her visit, Tasha B became exactly that – an incredible example of how far dedication, work, and a passion for learning can take any aspiring artist. Our students will remember her visit for a long, long time, and I hope her influence inspires each hopeful musician to pursue a musical education.”

Tasha B is still active in her music production and television career, but will also continue to couple her work with community engagement. She’s been a member of BeatClub in New York City since 2020 and continues to host beat battles with the program with the goal of giving young talent a platform to connect with industry executives. She also has plans to help The Roc Nation School at Long Island University develop a battle platform exclusively for young talent.

Television Music Producer Tasha B

“Giving back to the community is something my mom pushed on me since day one, and I’m so happy she did,” said Tasha B. “It’s been by far the most rewarding element of my career, and I’m grateful I have the resources I do – they certainly won’t be going to waste.”

To follow along with Tasha B’s career and keep tabs on her ongoing community engagement, follow the producer here.

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