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The Best is Yet to Come: If Something Bad Happens, It’s For a Purpose, Says Rachel Ngom, of ‘She’s Making an Impact’

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No matter what your profession, location, or lifestyle, life is bound to throw some curveballs at you from time to time. Instead of seeing these as a sign of worse things to come, look at them as a chance to get resourceful, says Rachel Ngom, Founder of ‘She’s Making an Impact.’

The popular podcast host and purpose-driven entrepreneur is successful and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. She achieves this through education on financial freedom, generational wealth, multiple income streams, and other methods that will help them to support their families while still leading fulfilling lives.

In addition to the podcast, Ngom guides new entrepreneurs through her online classes and one-on-one coaching. She’s also proud to say that she works just 20 hours per week. Despite her short working hours, she is launching an exciting new course in January called Success Without Stress.

Though she’s a great success today, she definitely endured her share of hardships to reach the summit she’s at today.

“I got my master’s in social work and couldn’t find a job. So, we ended up broke, on food stamps, and with negative $400 in our checking account,” recalled Ngom. “I had to get resourceful, selling everything out of our house so that I could afford to do a program that would teach me about making money through social media. That program helped me create a six-figure online business and I became an accidental entrepreneur.”

Today, she shares her best advice on how to get resourceful and find purpose when life delivers less-than-ideal situations.

Look on the Bright Side

One of Ngom’s greatest gifts is looking on the bright side of things. She has always believed that things happen for a reason and that you only need to trust in God.

“I really and truly believe that when something bad happens, it’s always for a purpose. I’ve taught myself how to turn that bad energy into something productive: thinking outside the box, figuring out how to multiply your money, starting your own business, or taking a new class are great places to start,” she said.

Eyes Toward the Future

When something unexpected happens, Ngom has the foresight to know that a bad situation isn’t forever. And that she has the power to influence how she rectifies the situation and moves forward from it.

One of the things that helps her most is having a loving and positive partner whom she can always turn to.

“The best is yet to come. My hubby and I believe this to our core. We’ve been a great team when it comes to getting resourceful, thinking outside the box, and multiplying our money. It’s definitely not just the Rachel show. We’re a team.”

Master Your Mindset

Most people have no idea how powerful a mindset is — and many don’t realize that they’ve been functioning with a negative mindset as their base level for years. A negative mindset is behind telling yourself you can’t start that new business, take that intriguing class, or quit the job you despise.

“A lot of times, we say, like, ‘I can’t do this,’ or ‘I’m stuck.’ Instead of those questions, flip them around. Ask yourself, ‘How can I do this?’” said Ngom. “For example, if you can’t afford that next step in your career — whether it’s education, building a website, or hiring a coach — instead, look around for how you can afford it. So, it’s just asking yourself a different question to get a different and better answer.”

By using these positive tips, you can expect to start feeling more positive, balanced, and able to succeed in your dream career in no time.

About Rachel Ngom

Rachel Ngom is the founder of She’s Making an Impact, where she is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs create multiple income streams, financial freedom, and generational wealth that will serve their families without sacrificing what matters most. She offers guidance to anyone on their entrepreneurial journey to scale without burnout with her online courses, coaching, and the She’s Making an Impact podcast, all while working just 20 hours each week. In January of 2023, she is launching a new course, Success Without Stress. For more information, or to make an impact with her, please visit

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