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Professional Tennis Player Launches the First Ever British Honorary Tennis NFT, 15 Love

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George Soto
George Soto
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Sports isn’t considered to have an intrinsic connection to the world of NFTs. The majority of popular audiences may consider NFT investment to be an aesthetic-only purchase with little relevance to the competitiveness of live sports. And, yet, sports leaders have been some of the most notable people to announce adoption of blockchain technology. As demand for more niche projects grows, independent enthusiasts are also looking for more ways to connect the NFT and sports worlds.

15 Love, a tennis launch pad and NFT project that considers utility a priority, is attempting to create the home of the sport in Web3. During the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, NFT collectors and tennis fans will be able to purchase one of 7,777 unique 15 Love NFTs dedicated to the popular sport.

Professional tennis player Kyle Stocker has announced the launch, which marks the first-ever British honorary tennis NFT and launch pad. Stocker has played with Andy Murray, Emma Radacanu, and Jamie Murray and previously trained daily with Jack Draper. As a junior, he has won two national tournaments, played at Wimbledon, and reached the last 16 of the world’s highest level ITF Grade 1 tournament in Morocco. He also obtained a world ranking on the Men’s Professional ITF circuit, among other achievements.

Since sustaining a tennis-related injury, Stocker has shifted to work within the Web3 and NFT space, specializing in marketing for NFT projects, most notably for his current project, 15 Love.

Alongside tennis, Stocker obtained a Sports & Business degree at 16, followed by an Entrepreneurship qualification from the University of Oxford. Over the last couple of years, he has achieved further qualifications relating to Web3, the blockchain, the metaverse, and NFTs, progressively becoming an expert in the space.

Kyle’s sister Sabrina is the other co-founder for 15 Love NFT. Since placing in the Final Five on BBC’s The Apprentice, her career has taken off to leadership of several businesses, including Metaverse Media, a PR company niched in NFT, blockchain, and Web3 projects. 15 Love has also amassed a large international team of over 40 specialists with backgrounds in NFTs, marketing, tennis, and the Web3 space to help with the initiative. The project and launchpad is now gaining a large social media following and has been picked up by various national and international TV stations.

“There is huge excitement amongst the tennis community as we enter the NFT space,” Sabrina said. “Passionate fans drive sports forward, and we’re immensely proud that 15 Love is the first company to create a range of NFT collectibles for tennis fans, allowing owners exclusive access to metaverse tennis events.”

15 Love plans to be an NFT project where tennis and NFT fans can meet their favorite pros and legends of the game during live metaverse virtual reality events. Co-founders also aim to develop a platform for tennis players, competitions, and companies to launch their own NFTs.

15 Love token owners will receive several utilities, including access to metaverse events with project ambassadors, chances to win unique tennis prizes such as memorabilia, and opportunities to play with top pros and legends. Each unique digital tennis racquet holds different rarities and utilities and comes with the option to be resold on OpenSea.

This expansion into the metaverse, with a planned immersive experience, is one of the elements distinguishing the project. It points to a broader objective to bridge the gap between tennis and Web3 communities and create the home of tennis in the Web3 space.

“Web3 is allowing tennis fans to get ever closer to the pros, and 15 Love is on a mission to create the biggest tennis community in the metaverse,” Kyle commented. “I’m lucky to have grown up in the tennis world, and now with the technology of Web3, I can give back and allow fans to experience what I did in the game.”

“15 Love’s core will be the community,” he continued. “We are already in final talks with some of the biggest names and brands in the tennis and business worlds, including multiple Wimbledon winners and multi-billion dollar companies. Investing early could increase the likelihood of a good financial investment and present the opportunity to be part of something amazing in the space.”

More information about 15 Love can be found on their website and Twitter.

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