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The numerous benefits of using a virtual phone system for work and recreational purposes

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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A virtual phone system is a communications platform which encompasses the functions of a phone onto a single, easy to navigate platform which provides supreme functionality without the hassle of actual hardware being required. It allows the user to accept ingoing calls and communicate with other users cross platform, as well as to send outgoing calls to other platforms, all from the functionality of one single platform. Unlike the use of traditional systems which require you to buy hardware in order to use their system, you can use virtual phone systems on existing hardware.

By providing a platform for communication which is scalable across an immense number of users, a virtual phone system is the most practical and ideal implementation for any business operation. Furthermore, many different platforms will incorporate increased functionality in addition to the virtual phone system, so as to make it more fitting for a corporate environment.

A virtual phone system works in a number of different ways. It does this by connecting calls toll free through local phone numbers, as well as communicating with other users. The core part of any virtual phone system is the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Rather than having phone extensions in a traditional sense, they exist virtually. In doing so, users are able to connect to these phone extensions that currently exist through virtual phone system platforms. The point of the virtual phone system is for it to exist on the Internet rather than within a physical property, and as such you are able to take and forward calls with ease over the platform, rather than having to transfer calls physically. The capabilities available on a virtual phone system are endless in comparison to the traditional phone system, so it only makes sense to implement them into a business operation.

Easy to setup

According to Talkroute virtual phone system is easy to set up for any business. Because there is no external hardware required, and you can use your existing hardware, you do not need to buy anything else. The software simply needs to be purchased and installed onto any existing hardware which will be using it, and from there on the functionality is available. A traditional phone system needs to have holes cut out and wiring installed in order for it to operate, and it needs to be done throughout the entire building. With a virtual phone system, software simply needs to be installed on existing hardware before being used. A virtual phone system will also work anywhere with an existing Internet connection, and if you are using virtual phones then all you need to do is plug them in and you are ready to go.

Decreased costs

Decreased costs is a big factor in why a business should implement virtual phone systems into their operation. Traditional phone systems need to be installed, and this costs money for someone to come in, cut holes and install wiring. It also costs money in order to buy the hardware required to install these phone systems. With virtual phone systems, you just need to buy the software and the virtual phones (if required), and then you are good to go. These virtual phone systems provide a way to decrease costs within a business, which is something that any business looks to do across the world.

On-demand phone numbers

On-demand phone numbers are a benefit of virtual phone systems. Throughout many businesses they work in different areas of the world, and as such they will have different area code on their numbers. With virtual phone systems, you are able to create your own phone numbers and names to identify yourself in a professional setting. Instead of having to give out a random number to people, you can have a phone number that is easy to remember which makes it easier for client-facing businesses. You can also prefer to just use one number, which is possible through virtual phone systems. Additionally, your numbers can be concealed and made private. You can hide your number on a virtual phone system, making it easier to call clients as well as keeping anonymity when in a business setting.

Flexibility across devices

Flexibility across devices is another major benefit of using virtual phone systems. A virtual phone system platform can be installed on a variety of different devices, including Android phones, iPhones, computers, virtual phones and much more. As such, the accessibility of communication is viable across a number of different devices, making it scalable for any type of business with many different types of devices. As the business grows, the devices will increase as well. Devices need to be able to communicate, and a virtual phone system was developed with scalability in mind. No matter how big your business gets, the virtual phone system will grow with it. From small to medium enterprises to large corporations, a virtual phone system is used for efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting is one of the most important aspects for any business now. Big data is everything when it comes to the business world, and data science is what is determining the success of a business nowadays. As such, it is important to analyze all pieces of data, as well as record it for later. This also applies to any communications, and with a virtual phone systems, analytics and reporting is easier than ever. Because it is a technologically based system, it is easy for the system to record data such as number of phone calls, client calls, the number of callbacks and so on. All of this data is important to any form of marketing and targeting a demographic. It can be the difference between a marketing strategy being successful or being completely wrong and bringing in no traffic.

Increased team communication

Within many businesses, ‘data silos’ exist which means that there is limited communication within a business and the team members do not get data to each other, which can cause issues in the business operation. Real time data is important to have to make strategic decisions, otherwise they may be outdated and may cause the business more harm. With virtual phone systems, team communication is increased as you can send messages and data within real time. For example, a marketing manager is making a strategic decision and can message or call another department for their data in order to do so. This will make the strategic decision more likely to succeed based on data collected.

In summary, virtual phone systems provide many benefits to any business, regardless of the industry. They bring increased communication, efficiency and effectiveness to any business operation, all while lowering the costs. For a business to survive in the modern age, it is necessary to have real time communication and data. With virtual phone systems, they can be set up in an instant and increase communication between departments, whilst also allowing for increased customer engagement and communication. There are many different virtual phone systems available out there, and you have a large choice as a result of the demand for these products.

For any business out there, a virtual phone system is a must.

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