Monday, September 26, 2022

The Royal Protocol Rocketship Is Headed To The Moon & Beyond!

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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The world of Cryptocurrency feels like a new age in the world of financial security, commerce itself, and the incredulous rise of de-centralizing banking systems for the good of the populi. Royal Protocol has joined the ranks of the fire starters in the industry by being present and approaching the realm of Crypto from well outside the box.

Their latest approach to getting people involved with the exciting world of Cryptocurrency is through the innovative and exciting Liquidity Pool Game they are hosting. The premise is simple enough: participants simply have to stake ROY (their coin) with BNB to be eligible for the prizes on offer. Essentially the more that is staked, the higher the participants position on the leaderboard – while this may seem like the rich-takes-all style of game that renders it difficult for average investors to have a shot, fear not – there is a contingency.

A range of top prizes are on the cards for the top ranked leaderboard members, including some unmistakable swag from Royal Protocol, including a physical ROY coin and a mess of other goodies. The contingency mentioned earlier for the lower echelons of the rankings is a randomly selected second-chance draw that will occur every week for the 16-week period of the competition. The second-chance prize is a swag bag from Royal Protocol, this gives everyone an opportunity to win and to have an honest shot at being a part of something larger.

It’s a smart enough approach to getting people involved and for some publicity that actually has an upside for both sides of the equation. Royal Protocol truly is putting their money where their mouths are in this instance, fronting over $1,000,000 worth of GROY to participants – effectively giving participants a stake in the future of the Royal Chain and the future of Crypto as a whole.

The launch began on November 15th so there is still plenty of time and upside to be seen with this innovative approach to Crypto theory. Getting involved is as simple as opening up an account and investing in the future.

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