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Travis Bott is Reshaping the Landscape of the Cryptocurrency Industry

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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There are many titans in the cryptocurrency world, either from their innovations, or impeccable forecasting of the market. Travis Bott is one of those people, as his dedication to his craft and tremendous work ethic has made him a leader in his space- revolutionizing the way people transact and access money.

Bott continues to implement prospering additions to his extensive cryptocurrency kingdom, as he has recently formed an unprecedented partnership with his company Beyond Global, and CoinZoom. CoinZoom is blazing a trail for other companies, as it is the first U.S. based company that offers its own Visa debit card. His company is also offering an unmatched incentive program that offers users the ability to earn up to five percent cash back when another user makes a qualified transaction on his platform. Not only are members able to earn cash back and profit off the transactions of other users, they are also able to make global transactions without any fees or charges when using the ZoomMe feature.

A great example of the implementation of his rewards program is reflected in his health and wellness company, MLM Venture, which has a cohesive alignment with Lurra Life- giving people incentive to reach their fitness goals. Lurra Life’s My10kLife project urges people to walk over 10k steps a day, adding to rewards that can be attained using other reward providers. Bott has created an integral connection for the people using Lurra Life, as well as numerous other companies that provide rewards.

This creates a systematic method that provides more rewards to users of Lurra Life, which in turn maximizes fitness targets. This has the effect of creating another avenue for more business transactions between consumers, as well as Lurra Life and its reward partners.

Cryptocurrency is a field that requires vast knowledge, immense intellect, dedication, and creativity to be successful. Bott has all of these traits and more, he continues to create groundbreaking innovations in cryptocurrency that ease the financial burden that is often associated with conducting monetary transactions and accessing money.

Bott is a pioneer in his space, and a has left a major impact on the direction of cryptocurrency. His partnership with CoinZoom now enables simplified transaction methods that cover six continents and 90 countries.

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