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What You Need To Know As A Beginner Starting To Lift Weights

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Maria Hunter
Maria Hunter
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In the past decade, the fitness industry has seen a boom in the popularity of weightlifting, with more gyms opening up across the world than ever before. Weightlifting brings with it a lot of different benefits, but many people go into it for the aesthetic purposes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it should be encouraged! However, with such a large industry already established, it can seem daunting and overwhelming for a beginner starting to lift weights as to what routine to do, how to lift, what to avoid, and so on. From experienced gym rats to those just starting out, we’ve all been there before. There are many things to learn about weightlifting that will make it much easier as a beginner, and we have aimed to compile these tips into one article.

Here is what you need to know as a beginner starting to lift weights.

Learn the Form

It cannot be overstated how important it is to learn the form for any exercises. The form can be the difference between you performing an exercise correctly and gaining the full muscular benefits, and you injuring yourself severely. Compound exercises such as the bench press, squat and shoulder press are all staples to build the foundation of any good body. However, performing these movements without the correct form can lead to serious injury.

Start with Compound Exercises

Lifting weights

A compound exercise gets its name from the way that these movements ‘compound’ a number of muscle groups together to move the weight. Many people are tempted to jump straight into the bicep curls, but compound exercises such as the bench press and squat will build your base.

Be Consistent

Arguably the most important point on this list is to be consistent. You must dedicate at least 3 days a week to weightlifting to see results in the long term. Many people will go for a few weeks before never stepping foot in a gym again. This will not get you results, and being consistent with exercise, dieting and everything else is absolutely crucial to any results being shown.

In summary, weightlifting can be daunting, but it can be made easier if you follow these 3 tips. By following these 3 tips, you can make it a lot easier on yourself and you will be guaranteed results from weightlifting.

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