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Why You Should Watch Cybersecurity Content Creator Roisin Coleman on YouTube

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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As our reliance on technology continues to grow, it is increasingly important that each and every one of us is educated on different areas of cybersecurity. What often puts people off, however, is how complicated the language of this industry can seem to everyday people who are unfamiliar with it. This prevents people from taking the appropriate measures to protect their devices and their data from being intercepted by hackers. YouTuber and cybersecurity expert Roisin Coleman aims to change this and make cybersecurity more accessible for everyone.

While living and studying in New York, Roisin Coleman developed a love for content creation. She quickly discovered that it was possible to combine her studies, a dual degree in cybersecurity and journalism, with the passion that she had for producing videos and entertaining others. She now spends much of her time producing informative videos that highlight some of the key things to keep in mind when it comes to cybersecurity.

Roisin Coleman prides herself in producing engaging and easy to understand video that motivate people to protect their devices and accounts.

One of Roisin Coleman’s specialties, and perhaps what she is most known for, is her videos detailing how people can recover hacked devices or social media accounts. She noticed how many of her friends and family members were having their Facebook accounts stolen and decided that people needed to be more aware of how to recover them. Her videos have helped countless individuals restore their social media accounts to their former glory.

Cybersecurity information is highly relevant and even essential in the modern day. With experts such as Roisin Coleman producing informative yet entertaining content on these subjects, everyone can do their part to get involved with cybersafety. Her videos continue to grow in popularity and she is known among her fans as the ultimate expert in all things cybersecurity.

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