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3 Important Tips for DIY Online Wedding Invitations

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Ian Feldman
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Creating your own DIY online wedding invitations is a great way to save money and add a super memorable personal touch that will really stick with your guests. While the prospect of jumping onto a website and trying to design your own special card can seem daunting, it’s actually much easier to do than you think.

The process can be simple or complicated depending on how elaborate and unique you want your creation to be. It could be as simple as choosing a template, adding some text and placing your order.

On the other hand, if you’re a very crafty person, you can create a truly astounding card that gets your guests excited and buzzing about your big day. At the end of the day, it’s all about what YOU want to communicate about your relationship and the celebration of its future.

No matter what way you choose to tackle DIY online wedding invitations, you should take heed of the following tips in order to make sure your card strikes the balance of being personalized without looking tacky or home-made.

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Choose a visual style that matches your personality and aesthetic taste

The first and most obvious decision you need to make it what visual style your DIY online wedding invitations are going to adopt. This is your opportunity to really get creative with the kind of vibe you want your letter to communicate to your prospective guests.

While you don’t need to, it’s a good idea to think about matching your DIY online wedding invitations with the aesthetic theme of your ceremony (including factors like venue and décor). This is your chance to tease what the general aesthetic vibe of the day will be so that when your guests arrive they’ll instantly know they’re in the right place.

For example, if you’re having a fairly traditional ceremony in a formal religious setting like a church then it would make sense to go with a traditional and elegant design rather than something quirky and colourful. On the other hand, an outdoor ceremony with surrounding gardens would benefit from cards that included a floral print.

While not many people are going to consciously expect the visual theme of the ceremony to match the card you sent them, it will subconsciously play a role in their memory of the day. Having the power to orchestrate cohesive visual look from start to finish is one of the greatest benefits of doing DIY online wedding invitations.


Choose a typeface that reads well and won’t look tacky

The actual font you use on your DIY online wedding invitations needs to be considered from both an aesthetic and practical standpoint. While you may have found several stylish and elaborate fonts you want to use, you need to think about whether someone can easily read them and if they fit the rest of your visual style.

Unless you’re going with a particularly unique and elaborate theme for your big day; stay away from distressed or marker pen looking fonts as they bring down the elegance factor and make the card look more like a cheap flyer.


Consider the practical elements

While it’s easy to get carried away with prettying up your DIY online wedding invitations, you need to consider some of the less exciting but still important practical elements. The biggest is factor to consider is the dimensions of the card and how it will fit inside the envelopes you are going with.

If you are buying a package where the printer provides appropriate envelopes for you, then you won’t need to worry too much. However, if you’re going to try and save money or do something unique with your own envelopes then it’s prudent to organize this first before you even start the design of your DIY online wedding invitations.

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