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All You Need To Know About Lilly Iaschelcic

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Sarah Rielly
Sarah Rielly
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Lilly Iaschelcic, artist, fashion model, public speaker, influencer, and creator. She is a woman of many varied interests and talents. However, though her skill set is broad, Lilly’s true passion stems from the arts. She loves creating content and inspiring others which is an absolute highlight for someone like her.

Lilly has always been captivated by an individual’s ability to influence and motivate others through creativity and expression. From the very first modelling job at just 10 years old, she has always loved how fashion can tell a story and a model can illustrate a photographer’s creative vision. Through her work as a model for Gap Models in London, Lilly takes pride in being a storyteller and in embracing characters with depth and nuance. The appreciation for the subtleties of art and storytelling naturally translates to a keen interest in the industry and a deep appreciation for the work put into telling a story of substance.

Lilly also takes the ability to use her creativity to influence others very seriously. Thus, she always intended to use the voice and platform to motivate others and to represent causes near to her heart. This has led to her serving as a global ambassador for WWF UK, Save the Children and Global Charity Kidney Foundation. She is also a huge animal advocate, an environmentalist, and a dedicated vegan. As a dedicated martial arts practitioner, Lilly believes in the power and importance of living a healthy lifestyle and strives to motivate others to live well too.

Having recently attended Russian Film Week, she realised the beauty of being on the other side of the screen and how powerful that can feel. That experience left her hungry to be stretched and inspired by the creativity and storytelling of others. Given that Lilly is personally passionate about inspiring the younger generations, aspiring artists and talented people.

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