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Alnshash Partners with Asian and African Entrepreneurs to Support Digital Banking Adoption

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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The need for digital technology in the banking system in regions like Africa and Asia has now been greatly important especially after the pandemic effects from last 2020 which the world is still recovering from. Alnshash being an innovative company and one of the largest and global leading digital assets investment company has paved the way for the adoption of digital banking in Asia and Africa. Alnshash earlier this week, partnered with top Asian and African Entrepreneurs to help improve digital banking in the region.

Josh Martins, Managing Director Alnshash Investment Company, said in the conference “We are a company with innovative strategies, positive and forward-thinking personnel, and advanced digital technologies at the top for many years. Our partnership with Hari Nguyen a top Asian Entrepreneur and Lotfi Sekkat the president of CIH Bank in Africa is a strategic plan to help introduce advanced digital technologies and innovative strategies that would improve the banking system and also facilitate fast and efficient delivery of public services in key sectors.”

What Changes will occur?

Some developing countries in Africa and Asia are already partially adopting digital banking by using online banking services which consumers are gradually utilizing for their financial transactions. However, security concerns in the adoption of digital banking are considered a key factor, and also the number of people, as well as banks adopting the digital technologies, are still very small compared to the population. This is usually because of poor technologies or inadequate awareness to consumers in these regions.

Countries in Africa and Asia through this partnership will have the opportunity to harness the digital economy as an innovative step towards growth and closing the gap between the rapid evolution of consumer habits and the slower evolution of banking. Failing to bridge the digital gap could lead to economic isolation and stagnation in this region. The partnership will generate enough funds that would be used to invest strategically and systematically in the development of digital banking technologies as well as infrastructures, services, and digital skills.

Hari Nguyen, CEO of Alpha Traders said, “For so many businesses including banks in developing countries in Asia, digital transformation is being envisioned as the next frontier to conquer new challenges from stiff competition from new-age e-commerce companies. The endeavor has always been to convert customers to the digital platform and to transform banks from one with a multi-channel presence to an Omni-channel presence with very easy integration between different technology platforms such as mobile, desktops, notebooks, and wearable devices such as smartwatches. Through this partnership, we will be initiating a rapid adoption of digital technologies in the banking sector in Asia which will be an integral part of economic growth in the region”

Lotfi Sekkat, President of CIH Bank said, “We are taking a technological leap in the right direction through this partnership and deploying digital banking and strategies to serve the populations in Africa. By initiating digital banking solutions, we proffer solutions to traditional banking that make it easy to overcome the shortcomings in banking infrastructures and thus accelerate financial inclusion in Africa!”

End users in Africa and Asia do not have similar apprehensions as customers in European customers in terms of banking and so they are much less conservative about banking products. Alnshash has taken a rigorous approach to ensuring that new opportunities are created to democratize access to digital banking services.

Not only will customers in Africa and Asia be ushered into the digital banking space, and they will also be introduced to different investment opportunities.

Alnshash has become a favorite investment company in recent years, serving millions of customers from around the world. The company specializes in providing mining solutions to customers who are interested in mining several digital assets but do not have or cannot operate the hardware and computations. The company has made name for itself in terms of security, and has the best technologies for mining and trading several digital currencies.

If you need an easy, safe, and effective way to make money and get good returns for your investment in the digital space, then you should be working with one of the best in the industry, Alnshash.


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