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Why Dry Suction Excavation Has Become the Number One Choice for Construction Sites

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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In recent years, innovative dry suction excavation technology has become more readily available in Canada and North America. These machines have a range of benefits for construction sites and have quickly become the number one choice for people who want to easily and efficiently carry out excavation as part of their construction project. This solution is economical and environmental, as well as providing more streamline services than previously available technology.

What is Dry Suction Excavation?

Dry suction excavation involves the use of advanced pieces of equipment known as vacuum trucks. These trucks are versatile and robust, utilising suction technology to quickly remove soil and other materials during the excavation process. Many of these trucks offer both hydro and air excavation. The patented technology provides the highest degree of gravity separation and is suitable for any project, from railway projects, to municipal projects, to mining projects, to industry projects, and more. The flexibility and high quality solutions provided by the dry suction excavation process is why this machinery has become the number one choice for many construction sites.

What are the Advantages of Dry Suction Excavation?

Advanced Technology

The versatility of these trucks is highly beneficial for the construction process as you will only require this one machine to carry out both wet and dry excavations. The dry suction option is particularly popular as it is up to 4 times more efficient and does not require any water. You are also able to dump on site with these innovative machines.

Environmentally Friendly

This leads us to the next advantage. Dry suction excavation, on top of being more efficient, is also more environmentally friendly as all that is required is air! Avoiding using excessive water and also avoiding soil contamination is highly beneficial for a construction site. This will also reduce disposal costs and make the process and overall more streamline one.

Low Cost

Vacuum trucks are a significantly more affordable option than other technologies or than manual options. Their versatility and adaptability also allow you to utilise more services for a lower price than seeking them separately. Construction projects can be expensive, so it is important to find solutions that will not make you go over budget. That being said, these machines do not force you to sacrifice quality. They are a low-cost yet highly effective option for your project.


Soil extraction is made exponentially easier with the use of dry suction excavation. Vacuum trucks continue to be the number one choice of equipment for people looking for efficient and convenient excavation services. The machines are unmatched in terms of the productivity that they allow and the benefits that they provide.

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