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5 entrepreneurs that you should be following

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox graduated from Columbia University in 2005. Rachel grew up in Canada but moved to the US after completing her school. Rachel has written for several major publications including Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post. Rachel is a community reporter, she also covers economy, business and entrepreneurial news and issues.

Entrepreneurs are the passionate and innovative business people who seek to make as big an impact as possible in their chosen industry niche. While anyone can label themselves as entrepreneurs, only the best and brightest shine through to achieve fame and success.

The following will list 5 entrepreneurs that you should be keeping an eye on:

  • Amer Safaee,
  • Sophia Rowe,
  • Grant Cordone,
  • Tai Lopez,
  • Jack Parsons

1. Amer Safaee

Amer Safaee
Amer Safaee

Amer Safaee is a tech entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Bama Security Group. Bama Security Group, founded in 2005, is a provider of hardware sales, software, and network security based in Kabul Afghanistan. Starting this company in Afghanistan is no small feat, and Amer has a great deal of experience researching, evaluating, and negotiating with suppliers from all around the world. Amer has had to fulfil many vital roles in establishing his company, and everyone should be eager to see what he will do next in the emerging Middle East tech space.

2. Sophia Rowe

Sophia Rowe
Sophia Rowe

Sophia Rowe is an entrepreneur originally from Jamaica she has become a specialist in business development and digital marketing in the United States. While an entrepreneur herself, Sophia shares her knowledge with others in the form of an educational system Sophia Rowe Digital that teaches theoretical and practical skills for people to leverage in the creation of their own successful businesses.

3. Grant Cordone

Grant Cordone has an impressive portfolio worth $1.5 billion in property and has authored over 20 bestselling books. He is a philanthropist, social media influencer, and a public speaker who has appeared as a commentator on programs like CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News. He is the founder of Cordone University, one of the most crucial online training tools for salespeople with more than 50 million users.

4. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a successful investor as well as a respected advisor to many international businesses. When he isn’t helping companies make lots of cash, he is assisting everyday people to improve their wealth and happiness, with an audience spread across over 40 countries.

5. Jack Parsons


Jack Parsons is a very young entrepreneur who is passionate about helping underqualified young people who feel they have been created by the system. Having grown up with a difficult childhood and neglect during his education, Jack followed his dreams and in 2017 was able to found his company The Youth Group.





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