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The Wonders Of AI In A Quality Assured Future

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Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee is a tech journalist with nearly 15 years. While studying journalism at Boston, Thelma found a passion for finding new tech gadgets. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Thelma mostly covers technology news and stories.

Artificial intelligence is finally beginning to get its due after years of being relegated to the role of “Bad Guy” in sci-fi movies and in works of fiction. The debate has been wonderfully introspective, and works of art, philosophers, even technical engineers discussing and theorizing on the various concepts and ramifications of Artificial Intelligence.

Now that AI has been more or less accepted as part of our daily lives, we have to consider the potential future that lays in store for various industries as a result of implementing some form of AI into them.

There are a few industries that are taking note of the rising tide of artificial intelligence and taking advantage of the newfound conveniences and increased efficacy that comes from saying “Yes” to the new way of doing things.

These are a few:

Food Processing & Packing

You wouldn’t necessarily link artificial intelligence with food processing and packing. However, many companies that are ramping up production are using some form of machine learning to intuitively keep an eye on quality assurance throughout the entire process.

Artificial intelligence systems can determine a whole number of things automatically, from the cut of meat all the way to ensuring that all sanitary conditions are accounted for in factories and processing plants.


Tesla AI

If you’ve driven a Tesla already, then you already know the innovative self-driving tech that has permeated headlines and our imaginations. Utilising AI capabilities, companies like Tesla have changed the way we look at automotive potential – allowing for a safer driving experience.


Through automation and artificial intelligence gathering, a majority of major logistics providers are throwing their collective hats into the ring as well. Using restricted versions of AI for various mundane and required tasks is nothing new but compile intuitive machine learning into the fold and you have the reason why Forbes is quoted as simply saying, “Smart infrastructure driven by new vehicle technology and autonomous driverless truck and drone ships will change how cargo moves.”

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