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Everything You Need To Know about Driven

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Driven is a quick and easy car repair service where you can book anything from window tints, to detailing and hand washing, to ceramic coating. Driven has some of the quickest turnarounds and the best pricing on the market right now.

You can get a top notch roof wrap for only $299 or a head light or tail light tint for only $129. One of the most common repairs is the paint correction. Driven’s paint correction process is where the driven crew removes any defects in your car’s paint. Those defects being swirl marks, RIDS (Random Isolated Deeper Scratches), and deeper scratches from the clear coat bringing back the true gloss and color of your paint!

Another common process is the Drive vinyl wrap. The most basic of the vinyl wraps takes about a week and comes with a 3-5 year warranty on all cars. There are hundreds of colors to pick from and you can go into the Driven office to talk about all the options.

Anything that you have in mind, Driven can do. Also make sure to try Driven’s full vehicle detailing. There’s the “express detail” that comes with windows cleaned inside and out, interior dusted and wiped down, wheels cleaned inside and out, tires dressed, a car wax, and the Driven team will make sure to dry the car with a Gyeon drying towel for a swirl free wash. Or try out the air lift suspension that Driven offers.

All installers are air lift certified so there is no need to worry. You can get kits in all sizes and models, every kit has a wide variety of fittings, self leveling sensors, and even the ability to be controlled on your phone. Oh, and make sure not to forget the paint protection film option that Driven offers. Paint protection films are used to protect cars from dents, scratches, or swirls caused by anything from the rocks, road droppings, and any other environmental elements.

Paint protection films make your life easier by making it so that you never have to worry about your car looking anything but great. Driven also makes custom accessories. You can even have all your ideas come to life, whether you want to change the color of your trim or maybe the look of your headlights, just come talk to the Driven team and they can help you with anything you need. You can also see the latest projects featured on the Driven website, in case you are still on the fence about booking an appointment.

Driven even makes their own merch! That’s right, you can get the stylish Driven t-shirts in Black, Olive, or Sand for only $24.95. Driven has everything that you could possibly need. Driven workers actually care about the cars that they are fixing, so you can always count on your car being in the best shape that it can be.


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