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Ghetto SharkHood: Pushing the Boundaries of NFT Utilities

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Missed out on Cryptopunks? Missed out on Bored Apes? No worries! Now, there is Ghetto SharkHood.

If you’re looking to ape in on an NFT project but aren’t sure which one to choose, check out Ghetto SharkHood. You won’t want to miss out on this project that is going to change the game on NFTs.

About Ghetto SharkHood

Ghetto SharkHood is a limited collection of 10,000 Ghetto Sharks on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a community and utility-focused project, backed by partnerships with a commercial real estate developer, esports developers, and 5 star hotel brands.

Self-proclaimed as the first real-world utility focused NFT project, they aim to bring never before seen utilities to the NFT space. More than that, they also hope to generate social and environmental impact through their connection to the metaverse.

Oh, did I mention that buying a Ghetto Shark automatically enters you in their giveaway of $300,000 USD? Talk about putting their money where their mouth is.

Ghetto SharkHood Utilities

Besides an unprecedented 300K giveaway, the main highlight of Ghetto SharkHood is going to be their utilities. It is their priority to give as much back to their holders as possible.

Ghetto SharkHood has partnered with prominent brands and businesses that will allow Ghetto SharkHood to provide their holders with unique VIP exclusives.

It is confirmed that Ghetto SharkHood plans on granting holders access to corporate rates and free nights at selected 5-star hotels, and special travel deals. In terms of esports, holders will also be able to enter partnering esports hubs to play, as well as have a stake in the sponsorship of an esports team.

This is all in addition to the usual utilities we have seen from other projects such as a community fund and a digital merch store.

NFT Gaming Like You’ve Never Seen Before

At this point, you’re probably still wondering, “When are you going to tell me what’s so special about this project?” Good question.

The answer to this, their gaming arcade, the Ghetto Sharkade.

This isn’t your average NFT game where you can hold digital land, buy and sell digital merch to use within the confines of the digital world. This is gaming that mirrors the real world, creating a sustainable ecosystem that spans both the metaverse and the real world.

Basically, this means that what you do with your NFT in the metaverse produces a measurable effect in the real world. These aren’t NFTs that merely connect the metaverse to the real world. Ghetto SharkHood is taking this one step further. Ghetto Shark NFTs can actually influence the real world.

Take their potato farming game as an example. One of the games to be released is a potato farming game where each in-game potato corresponds to a one square meter plot of potato farm in a community from a developing country.

For GhettoShark holders, the more they play, the more rewards they will reap  through revenues generated from ads and sponsorships. Additionally, since each digital potato is representative of a square meter of farm, a portion of the revenue from the farm will also go back to the holder.

The other portion of the revenue will also go back towards helping the rural communities in order to further support the local farmers, and keep the ball rolling for both their holders, and the real world farming communities.

The funds will go towards building infrastructure, providing supplies, training, and other basic needs for the local communities. Ghetto SharkHood also states they plan on helping these farmers by creating a network that helps them connect with buyers and bigger markets.

When asked how they arrived at this method, the team at Ghetto SharkHood replied, “We thought long and hard about this, and were very inspired by the impact investment model of ‘Doing well by doing good’. The idea being that by improving the lives of those in need, we can ultimately grow even bigger together. We want to give our holders as much back as possible and we strongly feel this is the best way, in the long run.”

Another game that is in development is a mining game where holders will mine different types of ore, such as gold, silver, and copper. The real life object a piece of ore represents will be stacks in a data center.

The amount of coins the holder earns depends on the type of ore they mine, with gold being the most valuable. In the real world, this could mean one piece of gold ore represents a larger number of stacks in the data center, while say a piece of copper would represent less. The profit generated by corresponding data center stacks goes to the holder. This game is going to be a gold mine!

How to buy a Ghetto Shark?

Whether you hold it for the short-term or long-term, you are guaranteed to make money. However, given their roadmap and long-term thinking, I would say this is an NFT worth holding on to. You may potentially be holding onto a piece of NFT history.

To buy a Ghetto SharkHood NFT, simply head to their website once they officially kick off.

Their presale is scheduled for Nov. 14th for members who are whitelisted on their Discord. It is relatively easy to get on their whitelist, so if you haven’t already I suggest you head over to their Discord as quickly as possible. You might just get lucky!

However if you aren’t already on their whitelist, your best bet will probably be to wait until their official sale at the end of November.

All things considered, at 0.09 ETH, this project is a steal.

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