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Why Consumers Now Expect Ethical Companies

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
Travon Marner is a seasoned journalist with nearly 12 years under his belt. While studying journalism at Boston, Travon found a passion for finding local stories. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Travon mostly covers human interest pieces.

With more information about products available than ever before, consumers are increasingly asking for more ethical brands. From eco-fashion to helping the homeless, businesses are responding. The result is the modern charitable company.

Such businesses do not see profit and charity as opposites. Instead, through smart planning, they guarantee a charitable act through every purchase. Or they guarantee commitments to fair labour ethics and pay.

One such company is Brothers4Change.

Founded in 2021, Brothers4Change embodies this ethical revolution. 10% of the profits from every product go towards education for children in need.

But why do we see such a land shift? What’s with the rise of ethical companies?

We Know More

Gone are the days when customers pleaded ignorance. With ever more information at our fingertips, we all recognise inhumane production practices. We know there are those more unfortunate than us.

Thus, we want to help make a change. So, we walk with our feet. We choose the brands that best represent our values.

Indeed, according to Fortune magazine, Millennials are far more likely than non-millennials to base their shopping decisions on a social group. So, the values of charitable brands help guarantee success. It’s a big virtuous cycle.

Expecting a Little Better

With great knowledge comes great expectations. Increasingly, brands are realising that customers are willing to pay more for their products. But only if that money goes towards charity. Whether it be free school supplies, socks for the homeless, or education for children less fortunate, consumers want to put their money where their mouth is.

But companies are making it easier too.

That is the story behind Brothers4Change. Having seen poverty in Soweto, South Africa, the two brothers were determined to make a difference. The problem was that those wanting to give often had little themselves. The solution was to link shopping and charity. So, a portion of the money spent would go to helping others.

Broadcasting Brand Awareness

To succeed, companies need to get seen. That is especially true of charitable companies. Becoming the next viral hit or merely developing an online presence helps fuel increased custom. Through social media, blogs, and video content, brands can now show their stories.

That helps connect distant peoples to a common cause.

And it puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. Not only can they vote with their wallets and purses. They can also link, share, and subscribe to the ethical content they want to see. That means more exposure to charitable brands. And more business for them in the long run.


With many problems besetting the world, it’s time we all came together. Charitable companies, like Brothers4Change, are leading the movement. If more brands were to commit their profits to help others, we would all make a bigger difference.


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