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Ferrat Destine on Becoming a True Entrepreneur

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Ferrat Destine is the CEO of Impress Service LLC. He was born in Port au Prince Haiti and he grew up there before moving to the United States. His interest in building projects and developing value-driven businesses started there. As a student, people in school and around his neighborhood knew him to be passionate about sharing ideas and building initiatives. Some of his past work includes “Qui etes vous?”, a meeting place where students meet Haitian artists of all genres. He also developed “Haiti, in nouveau regard.”, a series of debates broadcast on national television in Haiti among young people from different universities.

He says they discussed society, culture, music, etc. Ferrat had his primary education at Saint Louis de Gonzague and secondary education at the Grand College L’humanisme before moving to the United States. He did his graduate studies at Union County College in information system and technology and was recognized for achieving high grades marks. He then transferred to Rutgers University in Newark where he spent a year before dropping out to pursue entrepreneurship, although he says he is prepared to go back now. He tried his hands on several businesses before founding Impress Service, which is now a top-rated cleaning agency in New Jersey. Here is what he feels every entrepreneur should know to become a true entrepreneur.

Ferrat recounts that his entrepreneurial journey has been filled with hurdles and he believes every entrepreneur must be prepared to jump. He often tells people that there are times when your guts will be tested to the core and moments when you must make a lifetime decision in split seconds. “There will be times when you have to convince yourself that you have all it takes even when things are going in the opposite direction.” He believes entrepreneurship is about finding problems, and true entrepreneurs will never stop amazing the world with what they do because they create and recreate amazing things. “Thankfully, there is always room for improvement, and true entrepreneurs are the first to find that room. They go all out, improve and become a formidable force to reckon with anytime.”

The entrepreneur is inspired by his father, who happens to be an entrepreneur. Ferrat also has a few advisers: Professor Patrick Etienne, Pastor Elmira Jean Tira, Jeff, and George Lesly who is late. He salutes his memory. He follows Prince EA, Steve Harvey, Eric Thomas, Jay Shetty but he has no mentor. For Ferrat, finding solutions is also entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs must find solutions directly or indirectly. “You could start either way depending on what you are endowed with. If you have the resources, then you may decide to sponsor and receive a fair share. If you feel you can as a matter of necessity or passion, you may go on to develop the solution and sell it to the world.” Lastly, he advises entrepreneurs to work, and most excitedly, enjoy their journey into the world of possibilities.

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