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How To Assesses Hair Salons Near Me For Quality of Service

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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There are few things more convenient than having a range of quality hair salons near me.

The problem is for women new to the area or simply in the market for a new provider is – how can you know what is quality from the average?

Fortunately there are a number of strategies that locals can use to help them sort the good from the bad.


Variety of Styles and Services

Women who book in with hair salons near me such as Planet Hair will likely fit into one of two categories – those who want to condition and maintain their current look or those that want to enjoy a different feel and aesthetic. Should an outlet have a variety of stylistic options on display with the aid of experienced practitioners to make that happen, that will be a marker for success for the client. This can span from bangs and curls to ponytails, waves, perms, twists, braids, cornrows, buns and much more. It will also speak to the variety of product on hand with shampoos, conditioners and hair straightening techniques alongside colouring textures.


Expertise of the Individual Stylist

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Hair salons near me can essentially rise and fall in value overnight depending on the inclusion or disappearance of a qualified and experienced stylist. These practitioners spend years honing their craft and learning from mentors, picking up on new tips and strategies whilst treating loyal clients with unique care. Every operator has to learn their craft at some stage and although there are some new professionals who can oversee a service adequately, the experience will count when it comes to selection of a style and implementing that look in the chair. More times than not they will be able to pick up on small details and clever techniques that their inexperienced counterpart won’t be equipped to manage.


Flexible Business Hours

For many residents it is hard making time during business hours to book in for an appointment with hair salons near me. With a busy 9am-5pm schedule from Monday to Friday, this lack of availability can overlap with the location to make a booking impossible unless vacation time is allocated. Particularly for those based in dense metropolitan areas of the country, it is incredibly beneficial to have access to an outlet that will either remain open into the early evening or will open their doors for a short window on Saturday.


Fair Prices

When assessing hair salons near me for quality of service and suitability, they have to be an outlet that offers their clientele a fair pricing policy. Such a policy will be evident through transparent styles that are clearly listed on the website and on printed materials inside the salon itself. This will leave customers in no doubt or ambiguity about what each treatment will cost them, empowering clients to make their own decisions on the value of the cut or wash. It will be those locations who try and hide these details in the small print that are really doing their constituents a disservice.


Quality of Referral and/or Online Rating

Participants will book in with hair salons near me depending on their own experience and interaction. From walking in cold off the street corner to running a Google search on the mobile phone or from a review of a colleague from work – there is a diversity in sourcing these outlets depending on the individual. Where they can be assessed is the feedback that is offered to constituents, speaking to their level of care and customer service to the ambiance and environment of the salon to the communication and amount of choice given to the customer. If they feel compelled to leave feedback, that should be consumed and interpreted for the selection process.


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