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How Wiese use his consulting experience to break it in music

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Martin Haglin
Martin Haglin
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The Norwegian DJ, songwriter and music producer Wiese is about to make it big in music. What most people don’t know is that Wiese, or Trygve Wiese-Haugland which is his real name, is also a very experienced and successful management consultant.

A typical management consultant is very intellectual, highly analytical and has the ability to solve complex problems with a structured approach. In music production, however, you need a completely different skill set and creativity, imagination and feelings are highly valuated.

How can it be that Wiese, or any guy for that sake, can succeed in both? We’ll try to address some of the characteristics and outline our thoughts on them here.

First of all, companies typically pay management consultants $300-400 an hour for the work they do. Because of that, they are used to managing a lot of high expectations and they need to be very efficient in the work they do. They simply cannot mess around and do stuff that does not add value to the end-result.

It will always be exceptions and we realize it is dangerous to generalize too much. Yet we dare the claim that a lot of musicians are not known for having the most structured and efficient workdays. For someone who is used to being super-effective and adding value to every single minute of his workday, it is reasonable to believe that someone like Wiese can bring efficiency into music production as well as the handling of his career.


A management consultant lives off his ability to break down complex problems, analyze them from different angles and step by step come up with the best possible solution. Since a lot of modern music is not just about the music itself but just as much about marketing strategy, collaborations, pitching and so on, a consultant’s structured approach will most likely outperform a more random approach.

Finally, a management consultant spend a lot of time with executives that does not allow you to come late to a meeting or to show up unprepared. Again, there are always exceptions, but a lot of musicians we have spoken to confirm that one of the big problems in the music industry is musician not showing up when they are supposed to or showing up unprepared, tired or even drunk. Giving the nature of the business, a consultant will be better suited to gain trust among partners and to close the deals he wants, also in the industry of music.

After working more than ten years as a management consulting and now as a Director in a reputable international consultancy firm, Wiese obviously has the characteristics outline above. In combination with a great ear for catchy melodies, a creative mind and a can-do attitude, it does not come as a surprise that he is now making his way into the music scene.

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