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K-Pop Star, Entrepreneur, Realtor, and Lawyer: Sang Min Lim’s Multifaceted Career

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Sang Min Lim – associated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Keller Williams Realty – founded Sang Min Lim Law Firm and Sang Min Lim Real Estate to assist other foreign newcomers to the United States in building better lives for themselves and their families.

Born in South Korea, Sang Min Lim is an entrepreneur, realtor, business broker, lawyer, and K-pop musician. He believes that anyone can succeed in multiple areas and doesn’t feel the need to tie himself to just one profession.

Sang Min Lim’s business law, estate planning, and real estate law firm aids his clients in securing safety, reliability, and well-being for themselves as they transition to the life of Americans. He was born in South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of 19 to attend Ivy League Brown University for an undergraduate degree in economics, later completing a law degree at the University of Southern California (USC).

His experience as an outsider upon his arrival here inspires him to this day in his work. Sang Min Lim opens his doors to anyone who needs assistance in settling business disputes, contract drafting, estate planning, commercial real estate deals, landlord-tenant disputes, and more.

While simultaneously pursuing his dreams in music, Sang Min Lim uses his law degree, coupled with his talent for real estate, to assist others who have trouble navigating their new surroundings while pursuing their own ambitions.

How K-Pop Confirmed His Perspective

Sang Min Lim entered the music industry fairly recently in 2019 with a catchy debut single and music video. Through this encounter, he could appreciate even more the differences in cultures by networking with others through his music that he wouldn’t have otherwise met.

“Music is something that can bring pretty much everyone together, and I definitely saw that happening through my music,” Sang Min Lim said. “But I also was able to travel and speak to more and different people, and I learned a lot about how hard it can be to step into a culture that isn’t yours and try to figure out what to do and how to live in a way that will help you build a good life. It was hard for me as a student, and it’s even harder for countless other people.”

Sang Min Lim uses this information to solidify his stance that immigrants would need advocates. He strives to be that advocate in California and Nevada and hopes his message spreads to other states and countries.

A Utopian Combination

“It’s not something a lot of people are in a position to do,” he said. “I take this honor very seriously, and I take what I do very seriously. I think there’s a misconception that you have to be impersonal and all about business in order to succeed. But I’m proof that the best success you can find is wrapped up in how you care about other people.”

Sang Min Lim’s team is adamant about bearing the stress for others who already have so much on their plate when coming to a new country. Through his law-and-real-estate combination practice, he can free his clients to focus on building lives for themselves.

“It’s not just about knowing how to find residential or commercial property,” said Sang Min Lim. “It’s about using online and traditional marketing platforms to find the right property, keeping clients’ needs in mind, and making sure they’re comfortable with the process. I see, a lot of times, real estate agents pushing their own ideas of what a client might need onto them. That’s not what we’re about. Like with my law practice, it’s about putting the client first, but doing everything they need to feel like we’re taking care of them.”

Sang Min Lim is proud to employ his diverse array of skills and exposures to assist his clients, whether they seek legal advice, want to purchase their home, or need a combination of both. His job is to serve his clients with their best interests in mind, and Sang Min Lim Law Firm and Sang Min Lim Real Estate is the utopian combination to do just that.

About Sang Min Lim

Sang Min Lim is an Ivy League graduate, lawyer, business broker, and real estate agent. He is the owner of Sang Min Lim Law Firm and Sang Min Lim Real Estate. He is a real estate agent licensed in California and Nevada and an attorney licensed in California and Nevada. The entrepreneur was admitted to the California State Bar and Nevada State Bar after passing both exams on his first attempt.  For a legal consultation, please visit:

For a real estate consultation in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Las Vegas areas, please visit:

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