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Mary HM has attracted the attention of all domestic and foreign media

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Mary HM is different from millions of other Social media, especially Instagram, was a perfect medium for Mary HM and her rumor. She realizes the power of the audience and reaches it offers.

Mary HM, born on 01 August 1988. She has graduated in Bachelor degree in Graphics field and Master degree in business management field. From the age of 10, she started playing karate professionally and has been active in various national and international leagues and competitions and has won honors.

In addition to sports, she has turned to screenwriting in the field of humor and has performed some of her works, including the Walton Sisters series. All this helped her to gain stardom very quickly.

Mary HM is a people and has such a close relationship with her audience that it is inseparable. Mary HM is a symbol of independence and new ideas

With numerous skills and talents up her sleeve, Mary HM is on her way to major success in future.

In the last two years, with her remarkable progress, Mary HM has attracted the attention of all domestic and foreign media, and was even introduced as the most influential female user on Instagram in the popular magazine and Blizzard, and is remembered as the top influencer without the yellow content of Instagram. Mary HM provided a platform for women to work on Instagram and new talents were discovered Instagram users, a wide range of fans from all over the world, as well as audiences of all ages, including teenagers, young people and the elderly.

Such is the fan base of this humor star who shot to fame in recent years, thanks to her personality, humor and good morality. Mary HM is probably one of the very few Iranian celebrity as well as around the world to have a virtual fan following on Instagram. Mary HM goal in her words:” Every day, now and 2 years later; my goal is to make stronger and better clips for my people and to make them laugh; whether I’m in a good mood or not.

Comedy has the power to absorb the sorrows and makes one feel better. Hence comedians are considered natural healers.

With this philosophy, Mary HM continues her journey into the world of humor. Making more than 90 short films and Instagram clips is part of Mary HM’s activities in less than a year.

With her sense of timing and teamwork as well as her natural talents, this celebrity of social media is all set to achieve the peak of humor mountain.

If there is one thing that science cannot explain is how some people are just born great. These are the people who accomplish what were born to do at a very young age. People born with the gift of humor are considered to be fortunate. An Iranian young female comedian & singer, Mary HM is blessed with this gift.

Mary Hm on Instagram: @Mary__Hm

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