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Ron Sharon On Why Cyber Security is Not Just A Helpful Addition – It’s Necessary

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman is the lead editor for Business News Ledger. Ian has been working as a freelance journalist for nearly a decade having published stories in the New York Times, The Plain Dealer, The Daily Mail and many others. Ian is based in Detroit and covers issues related to entrepreneurs and businesses.

The world of business seems to require the services of people like Ron Sharon, now more than ever. It wasn’t so long ago that the concept of cyber security being a major factor in budgetary considerations was laughed out of the room as an optional expense. It was a simpler time, one where the internet was a fanciful additional avenue for businesses and corporations to utilize on occasion. As time has gone on, the role of the internet has become more and more foundational to the success of a company, and the security of these systems, are more important than ever.

Modern Architecture

As mentioned already, the necessity for experts like Ron Sharon is increasing with every passing year. Businesses are compartmentalizing and realizing the range of potential issues that can manifest themselves when security systems are not properly calibrated or put in place correctly.

People like Ron Sharon are part of the new generational guardians of security for companies, where the digital realm is the main stage for many conglomerates and businesses around the world. The days of seeing cyber security as an additional charge or dare I say ‘optional’ charge are fast becoming relics of a time gone by.

With potential dangers and cyberattacks being more commonplace than ever, the bolstering and securing of vital information is now a focal point in any company’s bottom line.

Keeping Up With The Digital Jones’

To put a little perspective on the point being made, Ron Sharon is someone who showcases the speed at which the digital space can adjust or change at the drop of a hat. The Cyber Security expert dedicates a portion of his day to reading the numerous releases and articles that surround the ever-changing landscape.

As the foundations can shift a lot faster in a digital context, there is always something new to learn and potentially implement, and oftentimes, those who skimp on employing the expertise of experts like Ron Sharon, do so at their own peril.

The young expert continues onward in his mission to illuminate the inherent dangers that exist form businesses, and we salute Mr. Sharon for educating the digital realm.

You can follow up with Ron Sharon at or connect via LinkedIn @ron-sharon and follow on Twitter @RealRonSharon

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