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Evan Gouveia AKA Boston Stats and his Esports Career

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Twenty-one year old Esports entrepreneur Evan Gouveia recently closed his organization Orlando Reapers operations. He founded Orlando Reapers when he was sixteen years old in the summer of 2017. They first attended the H1Z1 event at 2017 TwitchCon placing 8th and 10th. Summer of 2018 is when Evan and his brand would make a name for themselves.

Evan Gouveia

In August of 2018 Orlando Reapers won the AfterDarkesports WWII event in Miami. He went on to scout arguably his best signing ever consisting of Mack, Sib, Exceed, LordPawns and Brolic. In his video about closing the Reapers operations he always said how much he admired all of those players’ drive.

Mack and Sib now play in the “Call of Duty League” together for the Seattle Surge. Evan not long after turning twenty-one joined Litecoin Gaming LLC. He is now the Vice President over at Litecoin Gaming LLC the question remains is he still the head scout? He scouted multiple players while they were in the “amateur” scene and now have made it to the pro league. Has had an underdog’s roster place for Gears of War Mexico City.

There is no doubt that he is a top scout in the industry however is that what he wants to do? Some are saying he originally joined Litecoin Gaming as Esports Manager. Is he there to make sure they sign the right rosters, market themselves correctly or something we haven’t seen.

Why do we think Head Scout?

Over the years Evan has proven he has what it takes to identify talent in multiple scenes. It’s no secret he has grown up playing with professionals or other owners. His networking reach has definitely helped him throughout the years. It is commonly thought for Evan to have been born in Orlando due to the name of his first organization however lives in Boston Massachusetts. It seems right that a company like Litecoin Gaming LLC would get in touch with a person of such knowledge to make safe plays in what is a Booming area.

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