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Five breakthrough technologies in 2020

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George Soto
George Soto
George Soto is a national journalist with nearly 15 years. While studying journalism at Chicago, George found a passion for finding currency stories. George mostly covers cryptocurrency, NFT, blockchain and other business related issues.

New technologies have the capability to transform processes across society, in multiple fields such as medical treatment, manufacturing, travel, and education. The accessibility to new technologies is improving, as an increasing amount of people are connected to technological devices.

The advancements of technology in the past decade have been incredible, and they’re predicted to only get better. Technology becomes a huge part of our everyday lives as new inventions become incorporated into everyday products.

Here are five breakthrough technologies in 2018 that are predicted to be transformative in their field!

Metal 3D printing

3D printing has been around for a while, but its applications for large scale processes remain vague. The cost and effort of using a 3D machine has often meant costs outweigh the benefits.

However, 3D printing is innovating, and now the invention of a metal 3D printing machine could have drastic consequences for the manufacturing industry.

The development of a relatively inexpensive 3D metal printing machine and its release into the market suggests the launch of a new method in manufacturing. Manufacturers will now be able to print pieces on demand, such as car replacement parts.

This could significantly help the efficiency of manufacturing firms.


Robots are predicted to increase in popularity, as a way of innovation in the healthcare and caregiving sector. We have seen developments in robotics for military and industrial use flourish in the past, but their expansion into other sectors is expected in the coming years.

With the ageing populating and higher life expectancies, as well as a limitation of resources in the medical field, the utilisation of robots could prove to be transformative.

Digital currencies

The move to digital currencies is predicted to grow, as users seek a secure and independent way of currency. We saw this demand in the rise of Bitcoin recently, and it’s expected than as cloud technology and cyber security becomes more secure, digital currencies will only become more popular.

Medical predictions

Genetic studies have made the science needed to predict the likelihood of contacting medical conditions readily available. The future where we will be able to foretell our chances of getting diseases is the now.

Scientists can now use your genome to predict your chances of getting breast cancer or heart disease, and the capabilities are only set to expand.

This technological advancement has incredible implications for preventative measures. However, the ethical issues that come hand in hand are numerous and not to be ignored. The possibility of false alarms or false predictions can have disastrous impacts on lives.

Assisted driving

Autonomous vehicles are coming, but as we wait, the capabilities of assisted driving are being introduced to vehicles on the market.

Parking assistance and car sensors are making the driving experience much easier, as the car does the work for you. In some models, you can now let the car park itself. Sensors can detect objects in your blind spots or tell you when to leave a lane.

These features are only expected to grow as the development of safe autonomous vehicles continues.

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