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How Official Staunton Founder Carmelo Miceli Captures the Beauty of Chess in His Intricately Designed Sets

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Chess has remained one of the most popular games in the world for centuries. As a game that requires a high level of skill and strategy, there is a great deal of beauty in the way that chess is played. Capturing this beauty through elegantly designed chess sets is owner of Official Staunton Carmelo Miceli.

Chess has a range of benefits and there are many reasons that it has captured the attention of players around the world. Carmelo Miceli notes that the more you play chess, the more fascinated by it you become. There is no shortage of new things to learn about the game and it can keep you occupied for a lifetime. Whether it’s new moves, strategies, or more, chess is a never ending learning experience that is great for sharpening your brain. Some studies even suggest that chess can help you to develop your social skills and can even help to prevent dementia by keeping your brain activity sharp. Due to the intricate nature of the game, intricate chess sets are of great interest to players. Carmelo Miceli knows this, and aims to provide them with sets that they can be proud to use.

Official Staunton was founded in 2003 by Miceli who had the fundamental goal of raising the standard of chess sets available on the market. His mission is to provide the highest quality, most intricately designed chess sets to players of all skill levels. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro, Official Staunton will have a delicately crafter chess set that is sure to inspire your love for the game. The idea behind the business was to reproduce chess sets in the 1900s Staunton style with accuracy. On top of this, however, Miceli wanted to raise the quality of what had been produced in that era.

What sets Official Staunton apart is the dedication to consistently improving the quality of their sets. Underpinned by Miceli’s passion, the business remains committed to providing customers with uniquely beautiful boards and pieces to play with. Pushing the boundaries is part of what they do as they continue to use luxury materials to create the best looking and feeling chess boards. The wooden boards are of high quality and the knights are even hand carved. Any appreciator of chess will be able to deeply appreciate the thought and effort that goes into the sets at Official Staunton.

Thanks to Carmelo Miceli’s passion for the game of chess and the ongoing appreciation that players around the world have for the game, Official Staunton has become a highly successful seller of chess sets. Aiming to capture the beauty of the game and provide authentic and gorgeous sets, their products make an excellent and unique gift for anyone looking to further their chess journey, no matter their level of skill.

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