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Pure Green’s Tremendous Growth

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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The Pure Green Franchise is rapidly expanding across the U.S. and is already a nationally recognized brand in over 30 states. It is one of the fastest-growing cold press juice and smoothie companies in the United States.

They are set to reach 100 franchises by the end of 2023 and hope to reach 1,000 franchises within the following years.

Pure Green franchises primarily sell their famous cold-pressed juice and smoothies, but they also sell their nutrient-rich acai and pitaya bowls, a variety of toasts, and steel-cut oatmeal bowls.

The franchise was started by Ross Franklin back in 2014 in the heart of New York City. Before starting Pure Green, Franklin was involved in multiple wellness businesses through his consulting firm and is considered one of the top five wellness entrepreneurs in the United States by Thrive Global.

Franklin is also a best-selling author and desirable keynote speaker at wellness events. He started pure green with the mission to “build healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods.”

He hopes to educate the communities that each store is located in on the benefits of superfoods and their importance. However, Pure Green is not just meant to provide healthy products but to also be a beacon of sustainability.

Pure Green franchises use locally sourced products for maximum freshness, less fuel costs, and to support their local community. Each store features renewable energy sources such as wind turbine energy production, solar hot water heating, a green roof, and more.

They also use sustainable construction materials and recyclable or compostable products. They have impressively saved over one million pounds of produce that may have ended up in a landfill by using “imperfect produce.”

Throughout their time in business, Pure Green has had many accomplishments. They are an “Entrepreneur Franchise 500-ranked company” and are ranked #108 on Entrepreneur’s 2022 “Top New & Emerging Franchise.”  They also managed to raise over 1 million dollars from over 5,000 investors.

Their success can be attributed to many facets of their business model, but one such major facet is their optimization in scaling the franchise. They have developed a system that makes it convenient to own a Pure Green franchise.

For example, they have a “Pure Green University” for new franchisees that teaches them everything they need to know to run a Pure Green franchise. They also help their franchisees choose the perfect location for a store and even help them throughout the entire construction process.

There are also low costs associated with owning a Pure Green franchise which is in part due to their wholesale division. The wholesale division eliminates the need for franchisees to buy expensive manufacturing equipment by supplying them with cold-pressed juices and cold-pressed shots.

As a result, the franchisee does not have to deal with the hassle of getting and operating the manufacturing equipment.

Overall, it is no wonder that the Pure Green Franchise has seen such tremendous growth. Their ability to not only actualize their mission and goals but to also make it easy for others to do the same has led to their success.

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