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3 Reasons Why Working From Home Is The Best

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire is a Lifestyle journalist with nearly 20 years. While studying journalism at Boston, Esperanza found a passion for finding local stories. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Esperanza mostly covers human interest pieces.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things in the business world. It essentially forced companies to allow their employees to work from home, and change the entire infrastructure of their business operation to do so. Despite many in management believing that productivity would not be high, and that it was not possible to always work from home, the pandemic changed this. Since then, many large companies, including some of the Big Four such as Deloitte, has decided to permanently implement a work from home measure, or a hybrid model as their employees chose.

Here are 3 reasons why working from home is the best.

No Early Wakeup

I think most people dread that Monday morning wakeup, where you have to face the trials and tribulations of public transport, greeting coworkers and the general monotonous routine that comes with it. Working from home, we get to enjoy those lovely sleep-ins and waking up at 8:30.

Saving Money

Coffee working from home

When working from home, I think we all noticed our bank accounts seemed to grow larger and larger. No public transport fees, no eating out, no excessive coffees!

No Pesky Small Talk

‘Water cooler talk’, or that office small talk which so many of us dread, is completely eliminated when it comes to working from home. Sure, you may have your colleagues on Zoom, but that’s nothing compared to trying to keep up a conversation with someone you’ve met twice and you’re still hungover and craving a coffee.

Overall, you might be able to tell that we love working from home. I think most people would agree, and that going back to the office may be the thing that we all dread the most in the corporate world.

Office workers from home, unite!

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