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5 things you need to know about Dylan DeGennaro

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The 20-year-old famous social media influencer, Dylan DeGennaro, who has been taking different social media platform by storm, has just announced a new relationship status. This and much more information about Dylan DeGennaro are what you will discover as you follow through.

  1. Family Background: He grew up with his brothers Spencer Krauss and Antonio John. These three lads were brought up and trained by their single mum. They are often seen bopping around, especially on their twitter handles, sharing pictures taken together during and after a trip or an excursion. All three seem to have chosen different paths career-wise with Spenser, an NBA player, and Antonio in medical school.
  2. First Big Quote: As a graduate of Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, USA, Dylan DeGennaro has a wealth of knowledge under his sleeve. His first big quote was, “Social media is a very powerful platform. If you were to start a page, you should create the theme around something you are interested in. This way, it is much easier and fun to create content for the page”. In simple words, be true to yourself. Sell what you are, and you will make good sales because you would have overcome the “wannabe” syndrome.
  3. Favorite Dish: This whiz kid social medial talent was once quoted saying, Cleveland style barbecue is his favorite dish. That would not be far from the truth as this dish is one of the people’s most favored dishes in Ohio, and that was where he grew up. The dish is slow-smoked beef brisket, pork ribs, and pork belly. With proper ingredients and matching techniques, it has a characteristically Northeast Ohio flavor. One of the famous joints to get this kind of barbecue is Mabel’s BBQ. There is a famous saying around Cleveland that, do not come to Mabel’s and expect cornbread, mac, and cheese or braised collards: Here, Eastern European-rooted sides like broccoli salad and spaetzle and cabbage prevail.
  4. Career Goal: In the future, he aspires to turn his Instagram page @rapmusic into a media company. With a prolific record of making the right choices when it comes to theme, one would not expect anything less than a multimillion-dollar company springing out of this young lad. He has already shown his specialty in growth hacking and music marketing; therefore, carving out a company would not be a problem. According to him, while it is okay to create captivating content, it is still not enough. He continues; it is also essential to choose the right audience for it. That has been what kept him atop his game and is undoubtedly getting him a media company.
  5. Relationship Status: On June 6, Dylan DeGennaro announced via his Facebook handle that he was now in a relationship with Brooke Marie. Marie was born in 1999 to her parents in Los Angeles, California. She is a sibling to two other sisters Penny and Jamie. While she was in the acting business back at senior high, she suffered depression and anxiety, in lieu of which she has decided to leave the acting industry for good. She is currently working a full-time job as a hotel receptionist while she prepares for college. She is trying to pursue her new dream as a singer and songwriter. She also made a complimentary remark on her Facebook status to authenticate her relationship decision with Dylan DeGennaro.

Dylan DeGennaro uses Instagram accounts like @rapmusic, @male, @rapping, @tracks, @trillion and one personal account of @trippin

Our young influencer seems to have started quite an eventful life and even more prepared to lead many more eventful days ahead.

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