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Why is Kennected growing so much?

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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There is no doubt about whether automation increases productivity. As many have predicted, automation technology will be among the biggest trends to watch out for in many industries soon. Apart from productivity, automation makes labor-intensive activities like lead generation much less of a hassle.

At the center of this article discussing automation technology is Kennected, a company that is helping other firms connect with their target audience more effectively, and more cheaply. Over the past year, the company has seen tremendous growth both in client base and revenue. Why is this company having explosive growth, while other startups are closing shop?

Explosive Sales Team

According to Siva Devaki, sales is not about convincing the target anymore, but about building trust and promoting education. No one seems to understand this better than the Kennected sales team. Their objective is not just to close sales – they provide much-needed information to help you make better purchase decisions. The sales team at Kennected, spends time with their potential customers. The team learns what the person’s or company’s specific goals are, so that the prospect can see how Kennected can solve their point of pain.

Apart from that, the support team is always available to attend to any potential or previous customer request. The commitment of the team does not only build trust, but also a relationship with their clients. Every buyer appreciates a company where they feel they are actively listened to and engaged with.

Amazing Customer Support

Potential clients and repeat customers always seek satisfaction when purchasing goods or services. The highly responsive customer support team at Kennected acts as the glue that connects the company and its clients. Whether you have any urgent questions, or just need clarification about their services, the customer support team is always eager to help.

This is a company that has invested significant resources to satisfy their clients. The chat feature that allows you to interact with the company through the website gives you easy access to the support team. During normal working hours, the Kennected team replies within minutes of sending them a message. Kennected also offers after work hours for support or sales calls.

As you can see, it is clear why Kennected is a breath of fresh air when it comes to both delivering a no-nonsense and sincere service to its customers. We only wish we could be a fly on the wall during the Kennected sales team calls. We hear they are quite fun and informative.

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