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Genius Features We Want In Future Smartphones

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Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee is a tech journalist with nearly 15 years. While studying journalism at Boston, Thelma found a passion for finding new tech gadgets. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Thelma mostly covers technology news and stories.

Mobile phones have become more than just a simple way of communicating across long distances. They’re a massive part of our day to day lives and with endless innovation and the rise of the internet, they’ve become more necessary than ever before! We spend our time researching the latest and greatest variations from the major players like Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, and more.

The features are getting outrageous as well with processing power coming a long way since the glory days of Snake on the 3210s (if you can remember that far back of course)

With phones costing more with each iteration and generation, we thought we should explore some of the various features WE want to see in the coming years!

Better Cameras

Future smartphone features

No one wants to take a bad picture, and we’ve seen so far with companies like Google, just how far these cameras can be pushed in a mobile device. That being said, I think we speak for everyone when we say that the DSLR level shots are still waiting. Future generations of phone cameras could rival the best professional cameras on the market with just a little more innovation in lens capabilities and processing power. Your move, mobile companies.

Renewable Batteries

The earth needs to take a breather, this is why we want future smartphones to be a little bit smarter in terms of their battery life and afterlife. The notion of a recyclable battery certainly caught attention a few years ago, and we cannot wait to see if the environmentally friendly models will be made normal – but here’s hoping!


This is a little science fiction, but let’s be real – a few decades ago the internet didn’t exist, and mobile phones were the size of bricks. So where’s the fiction in imagining the possibilities of a more connected state with technology. From bio-charging to monitoring – there is a lot of power in these machines that we have not seen the last of yet.

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